MISC: Nineteen

1. manners matter.

2. only a few things are in black and white. a lot of things fall into the grey area.

3. it’s okay to not be okay.

4. the world is big, so try to learn how others think. read novels, watch movies, follow people of different countries, cultures, races, religions, ages and worldviews on Twitter and Instagram, go to museums, listen to as many song genres, Tumblr a lot, read magazines, read different types of blogs, read about History, read about Arts, read biographies, read Humans of New York, look at artworks, talk to people, listen. don’t draw a circle around yourself.

5. “if you don’t like something, change it. if you can’t change it, change your attitude.” – Maya Angelou

6. less is more

7. loose lips sink ships

8. thoughts without actions = actions without thoughts

9. never assume. always ask if you want to know something. especially toclarify something.

10. a lion will still eat you even if you don’t eat it. the way you treat people doesn’t guarantee the way people treat you. but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat people nicely. just lower your expectations.

11. just because everyone is doing something, doesn’t mean you have to/you can. don’t be a trend slave.

12. try that appetizer on the menu that you’ve wanted but never ordered before. buy that book that your friend recommended you although you’re not sure whether it’s nice. maybe you’ll like it, or maybe you’ll not. you never know, unless you try it.

13. every action comes from somewhere.

14. be grateful.

15. some things are inevitable.

16. low chance doesn’t mean no chance.

17. when the photographer frames his photo, he decides what’s in it, and also what’s not in it.

18. you’ll understand it maybe not now, but someday you will.

this post was initially about eighteen things I learnt in eighteen years. but as I wrote, it became more like things I remind myself a lot after turning eighteen. these are the kind of thing that I’ll tattoo on my body if I ever succeed in persuading myself that tattoo on sagging skin isn’t really bad. but right now I’ve convinced myself that I don’t want any tattoos at all.

today, I turn nineteen.



this is not a Harry Potter review. if you’re looking for spoiler then yeah, read on.

I’m writing this to cure my withdrawal syndromes. you know when you’re on the last page of a compelling book and you feel empty all of a sudden and the emptiness stays there for a week or so.

three months of wandering Hogwarts castle under the Invisibility Cloak, three months of Fred and George’s jokes, three months of so many different Defence Against the Dark Arts professors. and it all ended with Harry on the platform with his children named after his parents and headmasters. I sorta laughed in the end I’m sorry. nonetheless it’s still difficult to put down the book after that until you have to get up for tissues to blow your nose.

though I didn’t regret only reading the book after seven years the last book was published (because at least I didn’t die without reading them), somehow at times it still feels like reading the book for the second time. sometimes when I’m scrolling past Instagram or Tumblr or 9Gag, there’re some plots revealed somewhere. so I wasn’t totally shocked or sad at certain parts when I’m supposed to feel so.

like I already knew Sirius died halfway reading the fifth book because of Tumblr. oh then I read 9Gag’s LOTR vs. HP infographic and knew Snape killed Dumbledore. and found out Fred died while attempting a Buzzfeed quiz. ok…

well, at least I didn’t know Dobby, Hedwig, Cedric, Tonks, Lupin and Snape died. so it’s still quite emotional for me.

anyway, my favourite chapter is The Prince’s Tale. before I read it I already knew it’s Snape’s story. I think everyone who reads HP will guess it. I knew he loved Lily but I don’t know what’s the story behind yet. And in one chapter, my face was soaked in tears (and snivel). and oh, King’s Cross must be the warmest chapter of all. :’)

I guess that’s all. I couldn’t stop looking for Harry-Potter-related stuffs on the net. Buzzfeed, Tumblr, jokes, puns. anyway, will prolly write about Looking for Alaska next. another book that made me teared real hard.

MISC: 2014

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five days into 2015 and I'm still reflecting on the stuffs I’d done last year. sorry it took so long to put together everything in this post. like it? I feel meh, a lil messy, probably won’t do this timeline thingy next whoops, I mean this year, unless I'm better at HTML (mentally adds that to my resolution).

conclusion of 2014? I did pretty lotsa damage, yeah. got involved in car accidents for like what, three times? and with each more serious than the previous one. round of applause for myself. ==

come to think of it, I haven’t done much last year. yeah, there were few achievements, like driving from Rawang to Subang without using a GPS and… well, I can’t think of any, which probably means that that’s the only achievement I’ve reached last year (makes mental note to do more this year).

anyway, I’ve met different people this year because of uni. I won’t say a lot, ’cause I sucks at socializing I don’t even know how to make conversation with a five-year-old kid. but yeah, there are the kind ones and the evil ones and the humorous ones and the helpful ones. I wont promise that we will continue to be with each other for the rest of our lives (’cause I hate the whole idea of “promise”) but yeah, let’s go as far as fate allows.

lastly, to wrap things up, here comes my favourite part of a lookback. /drumrolls/ the number of books I’ve read, and movies and dramas I’ve watched. yeah boo all you want I’m gonna continue. in 2014, I’ve read 18 books, watched 2 dramas and 39 movies. that’s… a lot to me. whoah.

that’s all for 2014. cheers to a better 2015!

MISC: 2013

being seventeen is crazy.

you know, when you spent many years watching “seventeen-year-old” protagonists in movies and dramas, listening to songs about seventeen-year-olds’ first loves and regrets, and imagining all the stuffs that’s gonna happen when you’re seventeen, then bam, you are seventeen. bizarre. I used to think life would be like on the screens, or like song lyrics. but boy, was I wrong. I spent most of the time this year in rage. and stressed out.

ok, let’s start this roundup thing!

perhaps Im forgetful or nothing really changed this year, it seems like everything was the same as the last time the Earth was at this point on the orbit. hmm, let’s see. I’ve watched thirty movies , five dramas and fourteen books during the past twelve months. feels like a lot weh but in fact I just sit, sit and sit.

here’s some flashback photos in the most unchronological arrangement. sorry!

singlet family!

CNY in Ming Ming’s house

Sekinchan trip

seventeenth birthday

barbecue at Haox’s place

Taipei 101 from Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

Baby Nick

recording graduation song

so. in 2013, I’ve…

started Meatless Monday – tbh, I cheat. sometimes when I eat with my family I’ll just pick the meat out from my food. haha. and sometimes I had to drag people around me to have a meatless meal together. but this more or less helped me cut down my meat intake. 

got my driving licence – which has nothing to be proud of. lol. ’cause many of my friends got theirs too. haha.

become a Tumblr scroller – I spent almost an hour on average every day just scrolling and scrolling Tumblr. the comments, the GIFs and the photos. practically a place where comedians and drunkards gather. but they’re all just ordinary teenagers, really.

had Studio Ghibli films and rock music occupying most of my time – I watched lots of Ghibli films this year. watch, rewatch, repeat process for their other animations. as for rock music, dont you think the thump thump thump have a calming effect? plus they make a good combo with Add Maths.

had no idea for course and college yet – I originally picked psychology. but dear, by the time I start my job my peers already start working towards their first bucket of gold and get married and have a family ok. right now I’m back to the turnoff hmmn.

backpacked Taiwan – not really tho. I stayed at Taipei and Taichung only. and I didn’t bring just one backpack! anyway, it’s a great experience to go somewhere without adults. blogging ’bout this soon!

written Just a Minute posts – I started last year but this is the first year I have all twelve Just a Minute posts. they keep the blog updated and I can keep track of what I’ve done for the month.

helped and played originals – the first ori was camp song. the first draft lyrics actually had my birthdate in it(!) but oopsie we changed camp date. the second one was graduation song. I helped contribute four words in the lyrics okay they’re 勇敢去吧. hahaha!

bought a new gear for Baby Nick – read about it here. :)

and last, what’s my…

biggest regret? – not holding Soul Rock 2! something I’ve looked forward to since the last one. Moses, Tay and I even had the whole floor plan and song list out. also the merchandise! but alas. what a sad case.

Happy New Year! have a great year ahead! ^^


MISC: Donating Blood

gosh, I really wanna write this when it’s still fresh in my mind, but hell, I’m feverish and dying to sleep. if this post ends abruptly, yeah, you know why.

#25 Give blood

so, I really wanted to give blood when I wrote the list, but due to my age and my weight, I’m unable to do it. when I got the donation form from the teacher, and knowing that I can finally give blood, I was like quite happy lar. but on the other hand I was afraid I’m underweight.

then this sudden fear hits me. lol. what if everyone keeps trying to become thinner and all of us are underweight to give blood and one day there’s no one who can donate blood at all? :O :O :O

ok back to the topic. so yea today’s the day and we had to fill this form up, weighed (around 49 wippee!) and got consult (sorta) from the doctor. got asked things like did you eat well? what did you eat? and did you sleep well? the first moment when I heard this I was like “is this even a question I sleep like 24/7 ok.” then we had to be tested. this part was painful. I think it’s even painful than the donating part ouch. after that I was given a tray with my packet and was told to wait.

I dunno why the bros took so long so I was alone. ok to be honest I was shaky. haha. then it’s my turn. I lay down on the chair (nice chair, comfortable weh) and didn’t dare to look at my left arm. the first and only time I got poked on my arm to get blood from my body was like 5 years ago. it was a blood test and I needed to give only 25ml. the nurse put this pressure thing on my arm and started looking for my artery. she searched and searched and searched and finally found it. then here came the needle, I can feel the poke but it wasn’t painful. the bros said my blood flowed quite fast. I’m not sure but I think so. the nurse came and started taking everything out after around 5 mins so I asked her.

“sudah? (done?)”
“ya. cepatkan? kamu punya (arteri) besar tapi sangat tepi. (yes. fast right? your artery is big but its located at the side.”

then I was left there to rest for 10 mins. the first 2 mins was okay, then I started to see swirls and patterns and oh I had to close my eyes. so the nurses and St. John came to ask if I were okay. I was given vitamin water and this St. John guy came to fan me (whoah thanks!) and every nurse who passed by me said “close your eyes for 5 mins” but I didn’t really know how long the 5 minutes actually lasted. haha.

then everyone was done except Jye Yu and we’re given hot milo and muffins and we walked around looking at people’s blood.

that’s all I think. so tired of battling my eyelids.

yea one last thing. stop dieting and start giving blood ok. I believe everyone can make a difference in someone else’s life.