STILL LIFE: Of Radiohead and Bally Shoes

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went to Amcorp Mall for the flea market (happens every weekend) recently and got myself these secondhand Bally shoes for a hundred bucks. was looking for a pair of not-too-fancy oxfords and there they were, sitting nicely on a pile of old books waiting for me (hello~ no, not gonna do the Adele thing). the stall owner just got it the previous day so I guess it's fate, (though it's a little big for my feet, but big is always better than small yeah?). so yes, score. also, finally got hold of a Radiohead CD after so many times of holding it in Rock Corner until even the store clerks can recognize my face.




bought some roses from the market recently for SWW. though I'd take some photos and post it up here. have a nice day!




so I got my new CD from Haox all the way from Taiwan yay~! I had a long shopping (CD) list for him though he could only get this for me, still, thanks Haox! if only all these CDs are available in Malaysia. /targeting the next person flying to Taiwan/

when I say I like Crowd Lu, I mean it. like people only see him as this geeky guy with coconut hair and high socks… you guys should listen to his Rock n’ Roll!

on a side note, finally using my own old curve presets from wayyy back to 2013/early 2014 (not very sure :P) for this set of photos. gimme kinda 2000s Hong Kong film feels~ and I think it matches the CD’s yellow. whatchu think?




because 1., I don’t really go shopping and although I really love footwear, it’s rare to see me coming home with a new pair. 2., I’m drafting a Tokyo guide which will be up in a, ah let’s see, soon (I hope). 3., our more-than-ten-year old scanner which I used to scan my feet when I was four couldn’t work, thus I can’t scan my polaroids. 4., most of my time is occupied with nope, not schoolwork but sleep. and 5., let’s just accept the fact that my life is mundane. so mundane that even a pair of newly-bought (at half price) shoes could light up my life. I’ve been eyeing these for a long time but I couldn’t find any that’s worth the price. until I found these. most importantly they are comfy! weeee! :D




flowers I bought last week. didn’t plan to buy the yellow one though, but the aunty made me. oh well. by the way, baby’s breath is my favourite flower! partly because of it’s name, the mandarin name. and no, I don’t like roses (actually I hate ’em) or daisies or lilies.