CHINA: Yunnan, 2016 | Part II


hey, here's the second post for China. after Lijiang we went to Shangri-La, which is a dumb decision really because there's nothing there during the winter and oxygen is low. anyway, I still enjoyed it and will probably come back again in another five years during summer when the train construction is done. 

another bucket list item ticked at Jade Dragon Snow Mountain: snow (duh!). at one point the wind was blowing so strong and it's soooo freezing cold I wanted to cry.

now, photos!


woke up to check the promised snow. instead, I was blessed with this view. some part of me was still asleep and my hands were numb from the cold air, hence the failed focus. haha. 


the oriental equivalent of New Zealand?


if only there weren't so many poops around... le sigh.


Autumn Leaves was the theme song for me for the entire trip. XD


and that's the end. thanks for reading. ♥

this is gonna be the last post for now as I will take a break from the blog after this.