CHINA: Yunnan, 2016 | Part I


hey, yo! last year me and my fam braved the stinky and smelly toilets and the cold in China for 8 days and I've finally sorted out the photos from the trip, yay!

I was reluctant to go to China again but when I knew that we're going to Lijiang and Shangri-la I became excited! they took my breath away after I saw photos of them by my favourite photographer a few years back and they're on my bucket list ever since so it's sort of a dream come true.

the other thing I was worried about was joining a tour group. it's a nightmare for someone like me who prefers to roam freely without any time constraints. surprisingly, it turned out well. the group's so friendly and lively all the time. :D

okay, without further ado... photos!


déjà vu. I once had a dream where my family lives in this dystopian-ish town that's flooded/we live above some kinda lake or sea. houses aren't aligned to grids and there's furniture floating about. there's no cars and we need to get around using a... yacht. it's a dream afterall. anyway, imagining one of this house is the one in my dream...


it was drizzling on some evenings and there's an LED anywhere you look in the city, mostly *red* ones. ah, my eyes. they're so beautiful~


taken at one of the old towns. only notice the sun flares when I was editing the photo, ♥.♥. 

a fishing village in Dali. the village was under maintenance when we went so there's nothing to see there. but the view from the bus and the jetty was 100%. 

Black Dragon Pool, Heilongtan, Lijiang, Kunming, Yunnan, China, 2016 |  A Beautiful Distraction

Black Dragon Pool or Heilongtan that connects to the Old Town of Lijiang. we were lucky because the sky was clear so we can see the snow mountain!


Old Town of Lijiang is definitely my favourite spot for the entire trip. my parents' favourite as well! it only comes into the attention of the people when an earthquake hit in 1997 but the old style houses are not damaged. the town is very different in the day and night; the night turns lively with pubs and bars.


I was in a period of being totally obsessed with China window patterns so it's like a treasure hunting game for me for the trip, looking for more patterns and taking photos of them. heh. (side note: I'm still obsessed with windows now XD)


okie, I'll end here for Part I. Part II will come soon~ keep your eyes peeled!