D&C: Why I Quit Snapchat


probably no one cares if I quit and write a blogpost or not. but here's a little explanation/rant/to tell you OCD people not to send any Snaps to me anymore.

that little dancing ghost. the red, blue, purple arrows oh, the red, blue, purple squares.

I was quite late on the Snapchat trend and I added only about twenty active friend users. the beginning was interesting because I got to talk to my friends a.k.a. join the dinner gossip (I used to not understand what my friends were talking about) and it's a more raw and real Instagram, ain't it?

my sister doesn't use Snapchat and is curios about it so I explained to her, "when you see someone doing ridiculous thing like holding their phones and turning around in a tourist spot/museum/beautiful scenery/restaurant, damn sure they're Snapcahtting."

c'mon. I mean, how many seconds do you really spent watching the Snaps? probably half a second for a five second post. I follow a bunch of bloggers on other platforms but when they started moving to this app I followed none of them because I knew then it will annoy the shit out of me. one day I just realized that I don't even bother what people ate, where they went or what they did, I just want to get rid of that feed. my life is becoming a cycle of accumulating useless shit and having to get rid of them later. I don't want that. and to stop the cycle means to start stopping the accumulations.

so I quit. well, I didn't really quit. something went wrong with my phone and I had to factory reset it and everything in it was gone. while re-installing apps, I decided to not install Snapchat again.

I love the Live Stories from users all across the world. but City Life series had ended. all the more reason to quit.

sorry if I bothered you with my friendship. here's a red arrow.