left: guy's taking OOTD hahaha // right: ladybug bag!


don't think anyone gives a shit about the rubbish produced from the event but here I am, giving it the slightest attention~ (pfft, I'm just trying my luck to be the next Steve McCurry)


guy's selling water and he danced this buy-my-water-please dance at me (spoiler: I didn't buy from him in the end and he reminded me that I left my bottle in my car ==)


making new friends


blocked by some trees and a lamppost hmm but shimmer shimmer


lover's holding hand in front of a... Alam Flora truck (you can only know it when you're next to the truck, these trucks, they're getting prettier)

so I went to the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta with Jon and Sherry because I haven't been to any outdoor activities since... well, I can't remember. anyway, we only saw the balloons rise from our cars because we're dumbasses who don't check the schedule and were stuck finding parking (I nearly got into a fight?) and still sat under the stars waiting for liftoffs and guessing whether the balloon (last 2nd photo) is a giraffe or some other animal and sipping Thai teas (check them out, they're my new favourite) while everyone was leaving + trying to beat the traffic.