So Long, Exams!

just kidding. I had a friend who still had to take exams to carry out her day job (or night, sometimes).

last year, we rented our convocation robes to take photos at the fake desert in Malacca. I’ve actually been out of school for almost a year and a half now… looking back, I’m pretty detached from that world now. but I’ll try to write down this whole “uni experience”.

I moved out of the house for my first time, becoming a “weekday warrior” for four solid years. we moved places once, having the entire apartment unit to ourselves in the second place. I would blast music often, usually jazz, and pretended that we’re living in a Parisian apartment (sans the balcony, sadly). LOL. in case you’re bracing yourself for another super long article, relax, I did this in sort of a Q&A way.

favourite classes?

I forgot what’s the full name, but we called it IVN. we used to laugh at each other’s awful drawings and sang our hearts out in the computer lab… in the middle of class. :P it was attending the other tutorial group (pin drop silence, I’m not kidding) for substitution that we realised how noisy our group was. hahaha. this lecturer ended up teaching us for five out of six semesters and is one of the best. also, Advanced TV Production where we prepped and did a “live” TV production for eight weeks.

the one class that scared the shit out of me?

Personal Financial Planning. I remember attending each class and wondered, “financial wealth… is that all that is to life?”

music that got me through uni?

High and Dry by Radiohead. bet none of my mates even knew I was listening to that song at the point of my life. but yeah, it got me through uni in one piece. Cheer Chen’s, HyukOh’s and a lot of rock music.

books that got me through uni?

The Catcher In The Rye and several Murakami’s books.

KDramas watched while in uni?

oh, the sweet life of having nothing to do after classes other than binge-watching dramas. let’s see, Doctors, W, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo, Healer, Scholar Who Walks The Night, Remember, Descendants of the Sun.

assignment dream team?

Dream Team. yeah, we named ourselves Dream Team.

favourite projects?

those towards the end of uni, when we’ve already figured out who we want to work with and we’ve become more skilled and knowledgeable.

best moments?

every goddamn time I pushed my envelope through respective pigeon hole.

favourite campus food?

JC Pancake’s Nasi Lemak with a fried egg with a glass of teh.

favourite non-campus food?

it’s hard to choose and I miss them all.

favourite spot on campus?

“White Room”? Mac Lab? idk. anywhere with my few favourite people, I guess.

survival tips?

waiting for the elevator is cray. so here’s the tip: take the one in Block C and take the connection bridge on the 5th or 7th floor. because the library occupies four floors of the building and has its own elevator, you skip four floors. never told anyone while we’re still in campus ‘cause we wanted the elevator to ourselves. now that we’re gone, let the Hunger Games begin.

find nice people. team up with them. write your name down on assignment documents. take the easiest part. fuck up your citation. don’t show up… until presentation day. bull all the way through presentation as if you know shit. score an A like that. attend convocation and thank your dad, your mom, your aunt, your uncle, your grandpa, your grandma, your pet dog, your pet goldfish, your friends. get a decent job. (fuck freeloaders, I hope y’all have a lousy life.)

I should’ve…

taken advantage of the free time and lax schedule to focus more and take on more side projects. and have fun.

I shouldn’t’ve…

kept to myself so much.

if I still had the money to study I would

man, there are too many things I wanna learn from experienced and knowledgeable people. uh let’s see, Architecture (a li’l surprising) , Philosophy, Economics (very surprising, yeah?), Visual Communications, Linguistics, and probably Mathematics. but in the words of my friend, “why do you have to enroll into a university to study that?”

First Day vs. Last Day

first day: late into my first class ‘cause I had to go to the admission office before that. I still remember the first two people who introduced themselves to me. (oh hi, if you’re reading!)

last day: if I’m not mistaken, the last day was with the crappiest lecturer during my entire undergraduate studies. he bulled tons of crap to us, hinting us that he wouldn’t face any consequences for his actions. (he got the ending that he deserved.) I was never interested in his class. my friend requested to leave earlier for a job. so I pretended that I was on a job with him. more people pretended to be on the same job. a bunch of about seven of us left and we went to watch Wonder in MBO. what a way to end this.

a day in uni life:

cussing… my ass off of people.

snacking… I rarely snack. if I do, bananas. or anything my housemate brought over.

thinking… what to have for dinner.

blasting… Something Stupid by Frank Sinatra.

reading… self-help articles. hey, don’t judge. trying to get a hold of this thing called “adulting”.

waiting… for my housemates to return so we can have impromptu 3AM unhealthy talk.

working… on my Harvard references.

writing… a research paper on comic book movie adaptations when the number of comic book movie adaptations that I’ve watched account to… zero.

of course, it’s bittersweet. oh, c’mon. almost anything that’s over in the past is bittersweet. but I gotta say, whenever people ask if I regretted my decision, well, I never regret meeting talented and kind people, in whatever shapes and sizes, although in the end, I only kept in touch with only about ten of them. I never regret having the opportunity to put some of the ideas that’s been brewing in my head for years into my school work, which is satisfying. the enormous money that went into getting a glorified toilet paper roll however, is the most insane thing I’ve done with money. is. if I was to do this whole uni thing again, to be honest, I wouldn’t do it this way.