JAPAN: Tokyo, 2014| Part VIII


ah, finally. Disneyland post!

not a big fan of Disney, but my childhood would be different without it. to be honest I started watching more Disney after I was ten I think. it’s a bit late so Disney is not exactly is my childhood.

we thought we chose the wrong day for Disneyland at first as it was drizzling when we were on the train. but it turned out that the rain helped us ’cause I think maybe like half of the people who intended to go to Disneyland woke up in the morning and “oh it’s raining why not we postpone it” and decided not to go that day. haha. on the scale of one to five, one being uncrowded and five being super packed, I think I’ll rate that day as a two, although I’ve never been to Disneyland before. we spent about fifteen minutes queuing for each ride and show. fifteen minutes only. how lucky.


left: the “dreams come true” face. lol.


I still remember the story my teacher told me in which he couldnt bear to cut away Mickey’s face one part at a time so he looked away and cut the whole pancake into something he couldn’t recognized. made the eating less painful. haha.


that’s all for Disneyland!