JAPAN: Tokyo, 2014 | Part IX


Disneyland wasnt crowded that day but by seven at night people were already sitting along the path where the parade was going to pass. after reserving a place, three of us went out for more photographs and wow what a great timing my stomach decided to cramp halfway and I really really really need to use the toilet. ==” but somehow we still managed to grab some photos, walked back to Disneyland without any troubles (I was holding all of our tixes), went to the loo and buy some souvenirs and went back to our place before the parade started. luck. but my memory space was running low hurrr so there’s very less princess photos I saved the space for Pixars. you know I love lights. :D


after the parade it was fireworks show which was a little disappointing ’cause what I expected was the Disney logo kinda fireworks or maybe the fireworks shot out from the castle. girl, lower your expectations. my sis and I nearly missed it by a few seconds like literally ’cause I couldnt find the three green aliens from Toy Story hahaha.


let's pretend this is a Mickey.

and let's pretend this is an upside-down Mickey aye.

and that's all for Disneyland!