JAPAN: Tokyo, 2014 | Part IV


so yeap, ’cause of the long wait at Tokyo Skytree we decided to head back to Ikebukuro for Sunshine 60 instead! it’s not that tall but hey, I can see Skytree hahaha. plus, we got a free drink per entry. :P most importantly, it’s not crowded and there’s no need to wait. Sunshine City is not a very touristy place so we had some trouble finding it. there was this helpful girl who searched online using her phone and stared at the local map (which is in Japanese) for like five minutes before giving up. and then we asked these two schoolboys who understood English but replied us with very long Japanese (lol) but anyway we got there yea.


the only disappointing thing is that Sunshine 60 doesnt have the glass panel floor the only thing I can do was to stick really really close to the window hahaha.


Mt. Fuji can be seen from here supposedly but alas the weather wasn’t good enough.


look at the bikes!


after dinner, we walked back to our hotel. Ikebukuro was one bustling place. there were still lotsa of people around even it was about eleven at night. and lights! ♥.♥