JAPAN: Tokyo, 2014 | Part III


hmm, Tokyo Skytree entry which actually isnt really about Tokyo Skytree. haha. we did go to Tokyo Skytree Town but didnt go up the skyscraper ’cause apparently it was the 2nd Anniversary and the place was jam packed. we were told to return two hours later so we decided to go to another skyscraper instead. so, I got to see Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Skytree. pfft. anyway, the wind was so strong there if you didnt pay attention for even just a moment you’d been blown off hahaha Im not exaggerating!


there was a Ghibli merchandise shop it’s not bad la ’cause we werent planning to go the Ghibli Museum so this was like bonus haha.




kiutness overload! didnt buy anything tho ’cause I couldnt find any No Face. :(