JAPAN: Tokyo, 2014 | Part II


here’s the Kaminarimon and Sensoji Temple post!


this subway station looks like those in horror movie. eeek.


tropic girl never see so many blooming flowers before. hahaha. honestly, my first time travelling in spring. aww. :)


the Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center Information. go to the observatory deck at eigth floor and you can see Tokyo Skytree from there!


something like mini mochi.


another touristy one… haha!


tropic girl never see oranges on trees before also. oh well.


so after Tsukiji Fish Market we went to the Kaminarimon and Sensoji Temple at Asakusa. it’s a tourist-packed place and we saw lotsa students in their sailor uniform too! also, we tried two ice-creams but thew were meh.