JAPAN: Tokyo, 2014 | Part I


so yea, I finally done editing some of  the Japan photos so here they are. I got so many photos I opened a new Photobucket account and uploaded only the first day of photos and it’s already thirty percent full. D: so yeap, that means there’s lotsa photos and lotsa blogposts!



guess who got to go KLIA2 on their first week of operation.


first thing we were amazed about, illuminating cones. lol. arrived almost midnight and went to the hotel by a pre-booked van and watched the lighted Tokyo Tower passed.


ah, so many Taipei memories. their subways and subway stations are a lot like Taipei’s Metro. took the sub to Tsukiji Fish Market the next morning after we had breakkie.


we were quite late for the fish market most of the stalls were starting to pack up already but still get to see seafood seafood seafood I felt sorry for the animals. :(