MALAYSIA: Pulau Tioman, 2016


ola! photos from Tioman with some uni friends before I went Ipoh. if it weren't planned by Yi Hsien I would've already said no, but SO GLAD that I went. one final trip together with him before he flew to 'Murica and all I needed to do was pack myself and my luggage.

it's my first time to an East Coast island and more or less my first island trip in Malaysia (can't remember much from Langkawi and Pulau Penang is... Penang) so I didn't know what to expect and kept showing Yi Hsien Maldives-like sea photos while waiting for our ferry. it wasn't what I thought, the weather wasn't clear the first day but as we were off-the-grid longer, it felt better. no cars (we didn't stay at the town), no messages, no phone calls (introvert's phobia) and on the other hand, trees, sand and sea all the time! my dream is to live as a recluse and if one day I disappear you know where to find me. *winks*

although it's 3D2N but the first and third day were spent mostly travelling. so that left us with one day for activity and nights for board games (when the board game master himself's here...). snorkeling is a lot better here than in Krabi, one of the reason may be my wearing contact lens this time, haha. but the corals here are much more colourful and there are more fishes. we saw Nemo & Marlin (okay it's clownfish) and Dory (okay it's blue tang) and rays. the sea is a clear gradient of blue you can see through it. Michelle, Yi Hsien and I also went diving in the late afternoon. because it's our first time, we didn't get to see much. drained my goggle and my ear cracked then drained my goggle again and my ear cracked again - busy repeating this cycle. our movement kept making the sand swirl and Michelle and I are too light we kept floating away. the whole experience for us was like visiting a temple because we had to kneel and kneel, hahaha. it was a great experience nonetheless. imagine, there's only the 5 of you in the world (okay, underwater world maybe). the solitude is quite something. peaceful.

the sky cleared on the last day and we took photos before leaving. we left with a hole in my wallet (not big though, spent around RM500 inclusive of transport, accommodation, food, snorkeling and diving) but my heart is full. I watched the sky turned from a mix of red and orange to a deep blue sprinkled with stars and thinking: I could live like this forever.

okay, maybe not forever, but a month or so.

- special thanks to Yong Jun for the group photos -