TAIWAN: Taipei, 2013 | Part VII


the day before I left we decided to go on our own way. because the coffee shop I was planning to go is one hour away and because the both of them didnt want to go to Longshan Temple I decided to go there after about one hour of pondering and flipping through pages of guidebooks. it seemed that some festival was going on from that day on for four days. it was flooded with both locals and tourists. after walking around the crowded temple I was thinking of where to go next when I saw the morning market opposite the sub. being someone who loves getting lost in foreign places I went there. halfway in the market I “offended” an old lady with my camera so I kept it in my backpack for the whole day after that. never mind that ’cause I met some good people along my way.

ok excuse me this is gonna be a long post please be patient ’cause I dont have my cam to jot down my memories I’ll have to write it down when it’s still fresh in my mind.

when I reached Taipei Main St. I couldn't find the records shop I was looking for so I wandered around. at first I got my way into Q Square which is the more atas mall. then, I went to Taipei Underground Market. that place is the one place I definitely wont recommend anyone to go I don't even know how I’d actually spent an hour there. I don't really know how to describe it the words “horrible” and “hot like sauna” came into my mind when I thought of it. at last I gave up walking around there I went to Ximending. when I got out from the sub it was crowded and so different from the other day I thought there’s some autograph session going on but it turned out that it was just a Sunday. I went to look for the Nike shoes I had my eyes on first. the salesman was a very kind guy (I still remember his name!) who kept joking about my shyness and I troubled him by making him walk to the other branch twice because you see, I have bunions. anyway, after I bought the shoes I went to Five Music Records to get my sister’s Jay Chou album. even with my growling stomach, I stayed there for half an hour. ’cause you know, tryna grab any CDs that cant be found in Msia. later I walked around looking for food but I ended up eating instant noodles in 7-11. then I went to the biggest Eslite bookstore. the books weren't cheap but I found some treasure. even though they seldom read English books, they have so many more English books than Msia. I managed to get Into the Wild, Kokuhaku, Memoirs of a Geisha. all the books I’ve been looking for so long! I didn't get to walk around in the bookstore much ’cause I was already late meeting up with Yu Sze to have dinner with her before leaving to my uncle’s house.

on the last day before heading off to the airport I had breakfast in my uncle’s new condo then we went to Yingge Ceramics museum seeing that I’ve done all the shopping. they’re having exhibitions showcasing works from renowned artists like Pablo Picasso and A-Sun Wu. it’s surprising ’cause they actually let visitors take photos. normal museum don't allow that. there’s also a solo exhibition Living Clay by Johnson Tsang. his works are so realistic it’s kinda scary actually. when you see the photos below then you’ll know why it’s called Living Clay. thankfully I didn't have nightmare that night. haha. after lunch I got onto the plane and ended the trip. :)


I like this! if I were to have one I’ll place it in the house where the clock should’ve been. haha.


most fave piece. so true, so true.


look at that tears omg. I watched the video which he painstakingly draw out the features. so much hard work!

here comes the end of my Taiwan travelogue. what a fun and unforgettable experience! even though they wont see this, Im thankful for everyone whom helped me along this trip. :)