TAIWAN: Taipei, 2013 | Part VI


on the sixth day we went to Yehliu Geopark on a bus and got panic halfway ’cause we seemed to board the wrong bus but anyway, there’s this Korean couple who were going there too. so yea. we had to walk for about five minutes passing boats and seafood restaurants until we reached our destination. it was raining again that day and the wind was strong the waves of the East China Sea was beating fiercely. also, we met Ai Wei there! we spent quite some time there and after that we asked people which bus to take to Keelung and he asked if we’re going there to see the giant yellow duck but we couldnt understand him at first until we boarded the bus and Yu Sze saw the duck printed everywhere. so yea, like my uncle said, we accidentally saw the duck. then we boarded another bus to Jiufen where the rain falled even heavier. but that didnt stop me from being excited because you know, Spirited Away. after that we boarded the bus to Keelung Night Market which kinda reminded me of Malaysia ’cause of the seafood they’re selling there. but that was one night market that’s really lively.

alright. photos.


dear Nichole, if you’re reading this, you know, I actually said “hey Nichole look we’re at your favourite city Amsterdam, oriental version” while taking this photo.


this giant duck was a big letdown when the Sun went to sleep. no beautiful lights at all.


I call this the oriental Oia.


if it wasn't cold and dark I would’ve enjoy getting lost in those streets.