TAIWAN: Taipei, 2013 | Part V


so yea. as I said in my last post, I went to Ximending the next day expecting some haul and crowds but nope. prolly ’cause of the rain and it’s a weekday and there’s no event happening and I think we’re early again not many shops were opened yet. and ’cause we planned to buy tarts that evening you wouldnt guess what we did. we brought an empty luggage along with us. dragged from the place we stayed to the sub to Ximending, up to a records shop at second floor and to Red House Theater then all the way to Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall (can you believe it) then to Chia Te bakery at Nanjing East Rd. after buying the tarts right, we brought it to Taipei 101. ok I know by the time you read till here your mouth is wide open yea and the staff at Taipei 101 even helped us keep our luggage in a storeroom or whatever you call it before we went up to the eighty-ninth floor. the plus of this is we had an excuse to use the elevator. anyway, the weather was bad that day we werent allowed at the outdoor observatory which was so uncool for me. but still, the view at the indoor observatory is captivating enough. I didnt even bother to listen to the phone thing they give out to visitors I just stared out at this amazing view and wowand realized how small I am and that the taxi driver who drove us there could be in one of those streets I was looking at. we wanted to take our dinner at Raohe Night Market actually but the tarts were a good reason to say no so we ended up eating 7-11 foods like how the locals there do, in the shop on the high stools looking at cars driving past and parked motors.


the first half of the building are antiques and history stuffs and behind that are shops which independent artists sell their art which is quite cool but expensive.


so foggy ugh.


I racked my head thinking when was the last time I saw something like this, apart from Tumblr photos and plane rides. prolly when I was eight, up on top of the Oriental Pearl Tower. it was night too but I couldnt remember any of it. anyway, Rockefeller Center, one morning/afternoon Imma tick you off my bucket list. :D


this is as impressive as their lifts they were showing footage of the damper during the last typhoon and I couldnt help but wowed again.


we had to pass by this shop every night on our way back from the sub so we decided to try it. it’s half price of Malaysia’s milk tea and I ordered for small pearls which was kinda gross ’cause it made me think of frog’s eggs.