TAIWAN: Taipei, 2013 | Part IV



on day four we took the bus (dont even think it’s legit to be called a bus) packed with senior citizens to Yangmingshan which was creepy ’cause the bus dropped us some ten minutes walk away from the park and there were no one along the way to the park except two ladies who disappeared half way it felt more Spirited Away than in Jiufen ok. but thankfully we saw people at the info/map board and decided to follow them while listening to our grad song on our way hahah. someone told us it was the chilliest day during winter which explains why there were no people. then we had fried chicken in one of the only two opened shops not because it was delicious but because we needed a hot meal. then we went to Tamsui old street and walked for like forty-five minutes to Fisherman’s Wharf lugging our ginger teas. then we lugged the ginger teas all the way to Shilin Night Market and walked until ten at night.

anyway, photos.




阿宗面线. we decided to try this out again the next day at Ximending ’cause they gave us pork belly or something like that instead of oysters.


look who’s standing there underneath the signboard. heh!