TAIWAN: Taipei, 2013 | Part III


due to some changes on the plan we had a day without any plans so we decided to go to Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall and spend the afternoon in secondhand bookstores at Roosevelt road then go check out Witch’s Shop then had dinner at Shida Night Market but our luck was pretty bad hmmn we found no bookstores after walking from section two of Roosevelt Rd to section four. man it meant we walked two train stations. we finally found one and boy it was so different from my imagination I thought secondhand bookstores are old and dusty and biblichory and you had to spend lots of time looking for the book you want but in fact every shelves are packed with good books but NO. it was clean and systematic and didn't smell like papers that was a bit disappointing hmmn. then we walked gazillion blocks looking for Witch’s Shop and when we were right in front of the shop someone told us they were off for the week ’cause they went for a company trip. boo! alright nevermind that wasnt the worst part. then we walked all the way from Witch’s Shop to Shida Night Market. fact: the walk was twenty minutes long.

okay time for photos!




we did lotsa crazy stuffs there people were looking at us when we did this hahahah!


I love their alleys!


pork balls and wonton. they’re pretty much like Malaysia’s except that they’re upsized version.


I forgot what’s their name but anyway, they’re like our ganlao (干捞) noodles.


this rice vermicelli (米粉) is so fine that when there’s only one left in your mouth it felt like you’re eating your own hair.

that’s all for the third day. more to come! xx