TAIWAN: Taichung, 2013 | Part II


when we reached Taichung it was already pouring. took the bus then the owner of the place we stayed came to pick us up. we talked to him for like an hour until it was drizzling and then we went for food at the night market. but boy, Taiwan largest night market had turned smaller than the night market at my residential area okay. prolly ’cause of the rain. bad luck!


the left is for Dino the right is Stayreal’s patung.


the next day we went to THSR station to wait for the tour guide to pick us up. we signed up for a one-day trip to Cingjing Farm.


look at that lashes!


it was foggy that day and people kept telling us how different it was compared to the day before. and when Jye Yu and Yu Sze were three steps ahead of me I started calling them and joked that I couldnt see them. haha.


this view is so so so beautiful I cant stop staring at it when we went downhill. thankfully we got to stop at a tea shop and take in this view at their balcony.


after that we went to a wine factory and tried their Shaoshing (绍兴) sausage which to be honest, has nothing special ’bout it.

after another stop we got onto the train again and went back to Taipei. will blog about it soon!

- some images taken by Jye Yu and Yu Sze -