TAIWAN: Taipei, 2013 | Part I


hihi. it’s been more than a week since I was back from Taiwan. are you ready for the photos yet?

the plane I boarded touched down at nearly eleven night. by the time Im done with the processes it’s almost midnight. the place where I stayed was about forty-five minutes from the airport but the driver made it thirty-five by speeding hundred and twenty kmph. as he drove into the city I looked around (Dino asked me to. he remarked the road from the airport to the city.) and took in the view of the city lights and their tall, tall highways with opened mouth. it’s surprisingly quiet when we almost reached it felt like the whole world is asleep. I actually “oh, there are people” in my heart when I saw two pedestrians on the way.

the next day before leaving to Taichung we walked around Wufenpu, somewhere near where I stayed. we got up too early the shops werent opened yet so we took the mrt to Nangang Exhibition Hall Station to look at the Jimmy Liao’s illustrations on the wall of that station and came back afterwards.


家常面. which is something like 板面粗 in Malaysia.


Subway series.


their buildings are old. to me, it’s a lil bit dirty I actually had the urge to pour water and go scrub the walls. hahaha.

after that we hopped onto the train to Taichung. the weather was good that day. alas, it started pouring at night until the twenty-first. how unlucky!

more to come!