D&C: Just Keep Swimming


I used to play basketball and badminton when I was still in school. but as time passed and I grew up, I did only individual sports because I hate human (meh, the truth is nobody wants to be with me :'( ) I know people do individual sports to clear their mind but I love it because it does the direct opposite to me, I'm focused on thinking... and I love thinking (come be my friend, I may be the next Murakami, who knows? XD).

the idea of finishing a marathon at least once in a lifetime interests me, so I took up running. but then, in January of '14, I found out that I have scoliosis (beware, especially girls) and I stopped running.

so I said I'm going swimming...

...and it only happened almost 2 years later.

hang on, let me explain. there's 3 pools in Kajang: Bukit Mewah, TLS and Jade Hills. I didn't want to go to Bukit Mewah's because it gives me an impression that it's always crowded, TLS's is far, I'm too old to be eligible for the Jade Hill's family package but in the end we found out that a "family" can still apply one as long as the "children" are still studying.

so yeah. but then I didn't know how to swim. I can float, I can kick, but I have no idea how to breathe. I know, I know, it's in the human mechanism, but I'm pretty sure I would be the first human (except babies) to die because I'm just not intuitive enough to know how to breathe.

in the beginning I was That Girl With The Winnie The Pooh Swimming Float and I guess the club staff and the regulars already know this by the first month. I had to stay at the corner with my bright, yellow float so as not to get in the way of the others.

in December last year, my sisters came together with me for a few times and that's how I learned. it didn't take long, about 2 trips there and I got it. so here I am, making 20 laps each week after 2 years of saying "I'm going swimming".

since school has started recently and half of the time I'm not in Kajang anymore but I try to make it 3 times a week (please be nice, weather) and if my back is getting better, then I'm going back to the tracks.

so here's my message: never stop trying what you want. it may take time, you may procrastinate, things won't work out like you imagine, but yeah, so far I've crossed of "clear mailbox" and "copy high school English notes to computer". they've been there since 2014. /gasps/

anyway, my point is, you'll find your Nemo. cheers~

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