MISC: Donating Blood

gosh, I really wanna write this when it’s still fresh in my mind, but hell, I’m feverish and dying to sleep. if this post ends abruptly, yeah, you know why.

#25 Give blood

so, I really wanted to give blood when I wrote the list, but due to my age and my weight, I’m unable to do it. when I got the donation form from the teacher, and knowing that I can finally give blood, I was like quite happy lar. but on the other hand I was afraid I’m underweight.

then this sudden fear hits me. lol. what if everyone keeps trying to become thinner and all of us are underweight to give blood and one day there’s no one who can donate blood at all? :O :O :O

ok back to the topic. so yea today’s the day and we had to fill this form up, weighed (around 49 wippee!) and got consult (sorta) from the doctor. got asked things like did you eat well? what did you eat? and did you sleep well? the first moment when I heard this I was like “is this even a question I sleep like 24/7 ok.” then we had to be tested. this part was painful. I think it’s even painful than the donating part ouch. after that I was given a tray with my packet and was told to wait.

I dunno why the bros took so long so I was alone. ok to be honest I was shaky. haha. then it’s my turn. I lay down on the chair (nice chair, comfortable weh) and didn’t dare to look at my left arm. the first and only time I got poked on my arm to get blood from my body was like 5 years ago. it was a blood test and I needed to give only 25ml. the nurse put this pressure thing on my arm and started looking for my artery. she searched and searched and searched and finally found it. then here came the needle, I can feel the poke but it wasn’t painful. the bros said my blood flowed quite fast. I’m not sure but I think so. the nurse came and started taking everything out after around 5 mins so I asked her.

“sudah? (done?)”
“ya. cepatkan? kamu punya (arteri) besar tapi sangat tepi. (yes. fast right? your artery is big but its located at the side.”

then I was left there to rest for 10 mins. the first 2 mins was okay, then I started to see swirls and patterns and oh I had to close my eyes. so the nurses and St. John came to ask if I were okay. I was given vitamin water and this St. John guy came to fan me (whoah thanks!) and every nurse who passed by me said “close your eyes for 5 mins” but I didn’t really know how long the 5 minutes actually lasted. haha.

then everyone was done except Jye Yu and we’re given hot milo and muffins and we walked around looking at people’s blood.

that’s all I think. so tired of battling my eyelids.

yea one last thing. stop dieting and start giving blood ok. I believe everyone can make a difference in someone else’s life.