for some reason, after I read 1Q84, the Fuka Eri in my mind always wears a black long sleeves and a pair of jeans. I can't remember if she's mentioned wearing like this in the book or not, but Ruo Ling's Fuka Eri is like that.

anyway, took the opportunity to take these photos last November/December when the floor in my parent's room is done. anyway, just experimenting on layout, GIF, cinematograph and photo manipulation. like it?


a photo of me before I end this. heh.

- special thanks to 12 Cafe + Alibaba for lending me the furniture - 


STILL LIFE: Of Radiohead and Bally Shoes

 photo cinemagraph_zpskumd2qx0.gif
 photo cd_zpsicm4zu6n.gif

went to Amcorp Mall for the flea market (happens every weekend) recently and got myself these secondhand Bally shoes for a hundred bucks. was looking for a pair of not-too-fancy oxfords and there they were, sitting nicely on a pile of old books waiting for me (hello~ no, not gonna do the Adele thing). the stall owner just got it the previous day so I guess it's fate, (though it's a little big for my feet, but big is always better than small yeah?). so yes, score. also, finally got hold of a Radiohead CD after so many times of holding it in Rock Corner until even the store clerks can recognize my face.