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hola! back with some new stuffs I got recently (not really).


TokyoMilk shower gel and some Aesop products from Ade. not one who pampers her skin much (really, swimming without sunblock) so I'm excited to try these plus they smell good mm~! you can get it from Snackfood


bought this bookmark-slash-pencil-holder-slash-earphone-winder at the Awesome Market last month. we all agreed to take something home and I watched the last cat (!) plate I've been eyeing on went to someone else's hands so I bought my second choice. a dilemma though: it's too small that I'm gonna lose it in a few days. but I love the design and it turned out to be useful! now I can solve my Sudoku anywhere without worrying that I'll lose my pencil. and I've been thinking many other ways to use this.


in my imaginary future home, it will be filled with rows and rows of hardcover design and movie books but in reality though, I can only afford this The Art of Pixar all thanks to our lovely government for the book voucher. also for the Murakami book and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde book (which I tumpang on Sherry's voucher haha).

I love the red-white-black cover series of the Murakami books (it's starting to sell out oh God D:) so I've been buying a new one whenever I finish reading one. The Little Prince - planned to just finish it in a bookshop one afternoon until I saw this cover! plus it's on discount! and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde... I regretted not reading it during secondary school (put all my focus on The Phantom of the Opera opps) but I find it interesting now. have been reading the online version, but still, nothing beats the touch of paper. also, the cover! haha! it's so beautiful!

yeah, call me a person who judges a book by it's cover. whatevs.


I wouldn't've bought these flats if it's not for my sister's wedding. ain't Cinderella, I can't stand all the pain from wearing heels. plus, I messed up my toe pretty bad. I hate flats. I prefer flip flops over them. but you know, #life. sometimes you gotta conform. this pair from H&M turns out to be comfy and it's simple. I can see myself wearing these a lot. rest well, flip flops.



this is not a Harry Potter review. if you’re looking for spoiler then yeah, read on.

I’m writing this to cure my withdrawal syndromes. you know when you’re on the last page of a compelling book and you feel empty all of a sudden and the emptiness stays there for a week or so.

three months of wandering Hogwarts castle under the Invisibility Cloak, three months of Fred and George’s jokes, three months of so many different Defence Against the Dark Arts professors. and it all ended with Harry on the platform with his children named after his parents and headmasters. I sorta laughed in the end I’m sorry. nonetheless it’s still difficult to put down the book after that until you have to get up for tissues to blow your nose.

though I didn’t regret only reading the book after seven years the last book was published (because at least I didn’t die without reading them), somehow at times it still feels like reading the book for the second time. sometimes when I’m scrolling past Instagram or Tumblr or 9Gag, there’re some plots revealed somewhere. so I wasn’t totally shocked or sad at certain parts when I’m supposed to feel so.

like I already knew Sirius died halfway reading the fifth book because of Tumblr. oh then I read 9Gag’s LOTR vs. HP infographic and knew Snape killed Dumbledore. and found out Fred died while attempting a Buzzfeed quiz. ok…

well, at least I didn’t know Dobby, Hedwig, Cedric, Tonks, Lupin and Snape died. so it’s still quite emotional for me.

anyway, my favourite chapter is The Prince’s Tale. before I read it I already knew it’s Snape’s story. I think everyone who reads HP will guess it. I knew he loved Lily but I don’t know what’s the story behind yet. And in one chapter, my face was soaked in tears (and snivel). and oh, King’s Cross must be the warmest chapter of all. :’)

I guess that’s all. I couldn’t stop looking for Harry-Potter-related stuffs on the net. Buzzfeed, Tumblr, jokes, puns. anyway, will prolly write about Looking for Alaska next. another book that made me teared real hard.