TAIWAN: Taipei, 2013 | Part VII


the day before I left we decided to go on our own way. because the coffee shop I was planning to go is one hour away and because the both of them didnt want to go to Longshan Temple I decided to go there after about one hour of pondering and flipping through pages of guidebooks. it seemed that some festival was going on from that day on for four days. it was flooded with both locals and tourists. after walking around the crowded temple I was thinking of where to go next when I saw the morning market opposite the sub. being someone who loves getting lost in foreign places I went there. halfway in the market I “offended” an old lady with my camera so I kept it in my backpack for the whole day after that. never mind that ’cause I met some good people along my way.

ok excuse me this is gonna be a long post please be patient ’cause I dont have my cam to jot down my memories I’ll have to write it down when it’s still fresh in my mind.

when I reached Taipei Main St. I couldn't find the records shop I was looking for so I wandered around. at first I got my way into Q Square which is the more atas mall. then, I went to Taipei Underground Market. that place is the one place I definitely wont recommend anyone to go I don't even know how I’d actually spent an hour there. I don't really know how to describe it the words “horrible” and “hot like sauna” came into my mind when I thought of it. at last I gave up walking around there I went to Ximending. when I got out from the sub it was crowded and so different from the other day I thought there’s some autograph session going on but it turned out that it was just a Sunday. I went to look for the Nike shoes I had my eyes on first. the salesman was a very kind guy (I still remember his name!) who kept joking about my shyness and I troubled him by making him walk to the other branch twice because you see, I have bunions. anyway, after I bought the shoes I went to Five Music Records to get my sister’s Jay Chou album. even with my growling stomach, I stayed there for half an hour. ’cause you know, tryna grab any CDs that cant be found in Msia. later I walked around looking for food but I ended up eating instant noodles in 7-11. then I went to the biggest Eslite bookstore. the books weren't cheap but I found some treasure. even though they seldom read English books, they have so many more English books than Msia. I managed to get Into the Wild, Kokuhaku, Memoirs of a Geisha. all the books I’ve been looking for so long! I didn't get to walk around in the bookstore much ’cause I was already late meeting up with Yu Sze to have dinner with her before leaving to my uncle’s house.

on the last day before heading off to the airport I had breakfast in my uncle’s new condo then we went to Yingge Ceramics museum seeing that I’ve done all the shopping. they’re having exhibitions showcasing works from renowned artists like Pablo Picasso and A-Sun Wu. it’s surprising ’cause they actually let visitors take photos. normal museum don't allow that. there’s also a solo exhibition Living Clay by Johnson Tsang. his works are so realistic it’s kinda scary actually. when you see the photos below then you’ll know why it’s called Living Clay. thankfully I didn't have nightmare that night. haha. after lunch I got onto the plane and ended the trip. :)


I like this! if I were to have one I’ll place it in the house where the clock should’ve been. haha.


most fave piece. so true, so true.


look at that tears omg. I watched the video which he painstakingly draw out the features. so much hard work!

here comes the end of my Taiwan travelogue. what a fun and unforgettable experience! even though they wont see this, Im thankful for everyone whom helped me along this trip. :)


TAIWAN: Taipei, 2013 | Part VI


on the sixth day we went to Yehliu Geopark on a bus and got panic halfway ’cause we seemed to board the wrong bus but anyway, there’s this Korean couple who were going there too. so yea. we had to walk for about five minutes passing boats and seafood restaurants until we reached our destination. it was raining again that day and the wind was strong the waves of the East China Sea was beating fiercely. also, we met Ai Wei there! we spent quite some time there and after that we asked people which bus to take to Keelung and he asked if we’re going there to see the giant yellow duck but we couldnt understand him at first until we boarded the bus and Yu Sze saw the duck printed everywhere. so yea, like my uncle said, we accidentally saw the duck. then we boarded another bus to Jiufen where the rain falled even heavier. but that didnt stop me from being excited because you know, Spirited Away. after that we boarded the bus to Keelung Night Market which kinda reminded me of Malaysia ’cause of the seafood they’re selling there. but that was one night market that’s really lively.

alright. photos.


dear Nichole, if you’re reading this, you know, I actually said “hey Nichole look we’re at your favourite city Amsterdam, oriental version” while taking this photo.


this giant duck was a big letdown when the Sun went to sleep. no beautiful lights at all.


I call this the oriental Oia.


if it wasn't cold and dark I would’ve enjoy getting lost in those streets.


TAIWAN: Taipei, 2013 | Part V


so yea. as I said in my last post, I went to Ximending the next day expecting some haul and crowds but nope. prolly ’cause of the rain and it’s a weekday and there’s no event happening and I think we’re early again not many shops were opened yet. and ’cause we planned to buy tarts that evening you wouldnt guess what we did. we brought an empty luggage along with us. dragged from the place we stayed to the sub to Ximending, up to a records shop at second floor and to Red House Theater then all the way to Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall (can you believe it) then to Chia Te bakery at Nanjing East Rd. after buying the tarts right, we brought it to Taipei 101. ok I know by the time you read till here your mouth is wide open yea and the staff at Taipei 101 even helped us keep our luggage in a storeroom or whatever you call it before we went up to the eighty-ninth floor. the plus of this is we had an excuse to use the elevator. anyway, the weather was bad that day we werent allowed at the outdoor observatory which was so uncool for me. but still, the view at the indoor observatory is captivating enough. I didnt even bother to listen to the phone thing they give out to visitors I just stared out at this amazing view and wowand realized how small I am and that the taxi driver who drove us there could be in one of those streets I was looking at. we wanted to take our dinner at Raohe Night Market actually but the tarts were a good reason to say no so we ended up eating 7-11 foods like how the locals there do, in the shop on the high stools looking at cars driving past and parked motors.


the first half of the building are antiques and history stuffs and behind that are shops which independent artists sell their art which is quite cool but expensive.


so foggy ugh.


I racked my head thinking when was the last time I saw something like this, apart from Tumblr photos and plane rides. prolly when I was eight, up on top of the Oriental Pearl Tower. it was night too but I couldnt remember any of it. anyway, Rockefeller Center, one morning/afternoon Imma tick you off my bucket list. :D


this is as impressive as their lifts they were showing footage of the damper during the last typhoon and I couldnt help but wowed again.


we had to pass by this shop every night on our way back from the sub so we decided to try it. it’s half price of Malaysia’s milk tea and I ordered for small pearls which was kinda gross ’cause it made me think of frog’s eggs.


TAIWAN: Taipei, 2013 | Part IV



on day four we took the bus (dont even think it’s legit to be called a bus) packed with senior citizens to Yangmingshan which was creepy ’cause the bus dropped us some ten minutes walk away from the park and there were no one along the way to the park except two ladies who disappeared half way it felt more Spirited Away than in Jiufen ok. but thankfully we saw people at the info/map board and decided to follow them while listening to our grad song on our way hahah. someone told us it was the chilliest day during winter which explains why there were no people. then we had fried chicken in one of the only two opened shops not because it was delicious but because we needed a hot meal. then we went to Tamsui old street and walked for like forty-five minutes to Fisherman’s Wharf lugging our ginger teas. then we lugged the ginger teas all the way to Shilin Night Market and walked until ten at night.

anyway, photos.




阿宗面线. we decided to try this out again the next day at Ximending ’cause they gave us pork belly or something like that instead of oysters.


look who’s standing there underneath the signboard. heh!


TAIWAN: Taipei, 2013 | Part III


due to some changes on the plan we had a day without any plans so we decided to go to Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall and spend the afternoon in secondhand bookstores at Roosevelt road then go check out Witch’s Shop then had dinner at Shida Night Market but our luck was pretty bad hmmn we found no bookstores after walking from section two of Roosevelt Rd to section four. man it meant we walked two train stations. we finally found one and boy it was so different from my imagination I thought secondhand bookstores are old and dusty and biblichory and you had to spend lots of time looking for the book you want but in fact every shelves are packed with good books but NO. it was clean and systematic and didn't smell like papers that was a bit disappointing hmmn. then we walked gazillion blocks looking for Witch’s Shop and when we were right in front of the shop someone told us they were off for the week ’cause they went for a company trip. boo! alright nevermind that wasnt the worst part. then we walked all the way from Witch’s Shop to Shida Night Market. fact: the walk was twenty minutes long.

okay time for photos!




we did lotsa crazy stuffs there people were looking at us when we did this hahahah!


I love their alleys!


pork balls and wonton. they’re pretty much like Malaysia’s except that they’re upsized version.


I forgot what’s their name but anyway, they’re like our ganlao (干捞) noodles.


this rice vermicelli (米粉) is so fine that when there’s only one left in your mouth it felt like you’re eating your own hair.

that’s all for the third day. more to come! xx


TAIWAN: Taichung, 2013 | Part II


when we reached Taichung it was already pouring. took the bus then the owner of the place we stayed came to pick us up. we talked to him for like an hour until it was drizzling and then we went for food at the night market. but boy, Taiwan largest night market had turned smaller than the night market at my residential area okay. prolly ’cause of the rain. bad luck!


the left is for Dino the right is Stayreal’s patung.


the next day we went to THSR station to wait for the tour guide to pick us up. we signed up for a one-day trip to Cingjing Farm.


look at that lashes!


it was foggy that day and people kept telling us how different it was compared to the day before. and when Jye Yu and Yu Sze were three steps ahead of me I started calling them and joked that I couldnt see them. haha.


this view is so so so beautiful I cant stop staring at it when we went downhill. thankfully we got to stop at a tea shop and take in this view at their balcony.


after that we went to a wine factory and tried their Shaoshing (绍兴) sausage which to be honest, has nothing special ’bout it.

after another stop we got onto the train again and went back to Taipei. will blog about it soon!

- some images taken by Jye Yu and Yu Sze -