SINGAPORE: Singapore, 2013 | Part III


night view before the laser show.


the next day we headed to Bugis to look around and had Japanese meal there.


being the youngest in the family, I'm forced to pose with all these stuffs. nah, I wanted a photo with these three. haha.


look at him, so carefree!


and then before we left we went to take a look at the Magnum cafe. next time I'm gonna open a Nutella cafe! hahaha.



after Gardens by the Bay we went to MBS for dinner then we watched the laser show before heading back. went to Bugis then Sentosa the next day. supposedly to go to SEA but we're out of time. no! you know how much I love aquarium. :(


SINGAPORE: Singapore, 2013 | Part II




awww daisies they're so beautiful!


he was making this starfish thingy haha cutenya~


I think this was taken when I was on the highest level. it's a bit scary, even though Im not acrophobic.


there you go, photos of Gardens by the Bay. we went there after having our lunch because dad loves plants. the place was so magical and beautiful we spent 2 hours there and I used up half of my memory card. haha. it's definitely worth a go especially the Cloud Forest!


SINGAPORE: Singapore, 2013 | Part I


like what I said, I'm obsessed with the windows of Gardens by the Bay. I cant stop staring at the patches of squares. it reminded me of Suliman's dome in Howl's Moving Castle.


attempting to do symmetry photos. failed terribly.


attempt #2. failed also.



cool right? I can't stop staring at it. simple idea that makes magic. ok maybe I'm dumb I'm the only to not have thought 'bout this. -.- . so there you go. first batch of photos from Singapore. I don't really have time to go thru the photos and edit I just did a quick scan before the exam starts. anyway, I love buildings! so here's all the building photos. next batch will be Gardens by the Bay! stay tuned! yea, I forgot to put this in in my post grad post. I got showered by confetti under my favourite patch of sky on graduation day. it's amazing staring up and watching the pieces of papers fall. but it's not meant for me I just happened to stand there lol.