MALAYSIA: Pulau Redang, 2017


my second time to an East Coast island, I hope you're okay with the photo spam! 

three days of sun, sand and sea. no, wait, the sun went into hiding on the day we left, but at least it's kind enough to wait. twenty-four-seven of the sound of the waves crashing in, the sea breeze in our faces, I'm already missing the beach life! monsoon was approaching when I went, the waves were getting fierce and the boat ride was bumpy but thrilling. it's been more than a year since I went to the open sea, and it's so good to be back! whoever says that turtles are slow, man, you guys should see them swim. it's incredible to think that these giant creatures that we're swimming with are actually older than us. this was my first time getting bitten by sea lice after so many times in the sea, the rashes look scary, but so far my butt and boobs are still intact!

that's all for now, ciao!


MALAYSIA: Penang, 2017


after a few months, I'm once again back to the Pearl of the Orient - Penang with my family. touristy spots, touristy food. the highlight was that coincidentally, there's a celebration for Myanmar's New Year and Songkran in the temples so we got to experienced it. also, we went to Batu Ferringhi which I didn't the previous time, and was surprised to find the place looking like Krabi minus the alcohol!

some info I would like to add to my previous post:


New Lane is the new black! haha probably not, but we decided to go back to our favourite and the food there is still so good!


Malaysians! bring your IC and you can go all the way up to Bukit Bendera for the night views after 7PM, daily. for more tickets information, click here

also, it seems like the Kuanyin statue is forever under construction (*cues eye roll) so there's really no point going there anymore.



MALAYSIA: Penang, 2016


last month, without planning, I went to Penang with Sum. we arrived shortly after midnight and took another 30 minutes journey to get into our hostel. although we went for a photo marathon, I didn't take a lot of photos really. I think that having a "theme" actually creates more distraction for me.

anyway, we woke up early for the sunrise on the next day at the jetty and rode bikes around Penang after that and continued our hunt for good food.

some tips visiting Penang:

Getting in

most people road trip to Penang but if you wanna choose to use the public transport, I'll suggest taking the train. we went by train from KL Sentral station that cost RM60 + another RM40 Grabcar ride and came back with bus which cost the same but takes longer and doesn't have a washroom.

Where to stay

because we'll be spending a whole day at Gurney, we chose somewhere near from AirBnb. I booked Dreamcatcher Traveler's Refuge initially but it's full so the host recommended us to stay next door, Chateau One, which is slightly more expensive but newer.

the room is just nice and the shared toilet is clean. breakfast is provided but too bad we had to leave so early on both mornings. the best part I think is that the service is good and the host is really friendly.

they're at the street art area but tucked away in a small alley so it's quiet at night, without any party people. to get to the place, just type "Dreamcatcher Traveler's Refuge" to your Waze or Google Maps. it's quite easy to miss the junction into the street though. we did a few times.


Grabcar costs an average of RM5 for each trip while bicycle costs RM7 for the whole day (not sure 'bout the price per hour though...). so if there are four of you, then Grabcar will definitely be more worthy.

What and Where to eat

I'm not a foodie :( but these are some of the food (two only haha) I really, really love in Penang:

Har mee (or curry mee) @ Old Green House
Laksa @ Jalan Penang

and some other food I think that is worth trying:

Bak Kut Teh @ Old Green House
Char Kuey Tiao @ Jalan Penang
Teochew Chendol @ Jalan Penang (I didn't like it a lot because it's not sweet enough for my taste...)
Goh Thew Chik Chicken Rice @ Lebuh Chulia


MALAYSIA: Pulau Tioman, 2016


ola! photos from Tioman with some uni friends before I went Ipoh. if it weren't planned by Yi Hsien I would've already said no, but SO GLAD that I went. one final trip together with him before he flew to 'Murica and all I needed to do was pack myself and my luggage.

it's my first time to an East Coast island and more or less my first island trip in Malaysia (can't remember much from Langkawi and Pulau Penang is... Penang) so I didn't know what to expect and kept showing Yi Hsien Maldives-like sea photos while waiting for our ferry. it wasn't what I thought, the weather wasn't clear the first day but as we were off-the-grid longer, it felt better. no cars (we didn't stay at the town), no messages, no phone calls (introvert's phobia) and on the other hand, trees, sand and sea all the time! my dream is to live as a recluse and if one day I disappear you know where to find me. *winks*

although it's 3D2N but the first and third day were spent mostly travelling. so that left us with one day for activity and nights for board games (when the board game master himself's here...). snorkeling is a lot better here than in Krabi, one of the reason may be my wearing contact lens this time, haha. but the corals here are much more colourful and there are more fishes. we saw Nemo & Marlin (okay it's clownfish) and Dory (okay it's blue tang) and rays. the sea is a clear gradient of blue you can see through it. Michelle, Yi Hsien and I also went diving in the late afternoon. because it's our first time, we didn't get to see much. drained my goggle and my ear cracked then drained my goggle again and my ear cracked again - busy repeating this cycle. our movement kept making the sand swirl and Michelle and I are too light we kept floating away. the whole experience for us was like visiting a temple because we had to kneel and kneel, hahaha. it was a great experience nonetheless. imagine, there's only the 5 of you in the world (okay, underwater world maybe). the solitude is quite something. peaceful.

the sky cleared on the last day and we took photos before leaving. we left with a hole in my wallet (not big though, spent around RM500 inclusive of transport, accommodation, food, snorkeling and diving) but my heart is full. I watched the sky turned from a mix of red and orange to a deep blue sprinkled with stars and thinking: I could live like this forever.

okay, maybe not forever, but a month or so.

- special thanks to Yong Jun for the group photos -

MALAYSIA: Ipoh, 2016


less like a travelogue and more like a collection of photos taken during the trip. just finished my finals and back from another trip, and in the two days between this and the previous trip, decided to binge-watch drama instead of looking up at what Ipoh has to offer other than the Tau Fu Fah that I've been dreaming of since we last visited Ipoh in 2012 (ahem, ahem, trips with family = my sister's gonna settle everything - from when to head back to the hotel to checking out the difference in menu, price, ratings & reviews between two dim sum places). on top of that, I've stupidly decided to leave the largest memory card at home. hence the photos. don't expect anything touristy like oh, this place's gonna make my Instagram look good! really, I'm more of a person who'd rather use that limited space for rare moments instead of photos that'll look the same as the other 24, 583 Instagram-celeb-wannabe users'. what's the point?

anyway. stopped first at Bidor to have duck noodles (them) and wonton noodles (me), then a temple after arriving at Ipoh and fed some tortoise, all the while bugging my sister with "why is tortoise pronounced as tor-teese instead of tor-toys", then to Qing Xin Ling and did all the touristy stuff under the scorching. hot. sun. it was fun nonetheless. lunch at the famous coffee shop... wait, nope, not that one, the one next to it, because you need as much luck for empty table in a place with overpriced food after a tourist boom as you do finding real love. walked along Concubine Street which let my family down but not me, thanks to not doing any research or seeing any Facebook photos of it beforehand. it was also pretty late so most stalls were already closed. continued walking hoping that we'll bumped into more murals. dinner at a place with nice food and nice price (no sarcasm) but wait, I gotta ask my sister for the name of the place. at night, we went for a walk at the riverside with ice cream and rented a hoverboard for fun. dim sum the next morning and Concubine Street again (really, it wasn't that bad) and more murals before we finally had my Tau Fu Fah. ok I sound like a grandmother now, so here you go:


jukebox. feeling old for recognizing the artists' names.


PHOTO DIARY: Sg. Lembing


was supposed to spent two nights at Sg. Lembing with my family last month so that we’re able to go up to Panaroma Hill (omg my body, my body, what happens when you’re best friends with Adobe and that HDMI cable that connects your illegally downloaded movie to the TV) and see the Rainbow Waterfall but the waterfall was closed for the month due to bad weather and there’s close to no people to be seen at the little town when it’s night. so the next day we went to Kuantan instead and spent the afternoon sleeping away (my parents’ case) and watching TV (me and my sisters’ case) before going out for Beggar Chicken which unfortunately had already sold out. :(