PHOTO DIARY: Light Sensation - Love Series


photo buddy of the day. I don't know when we said wanna go shooting together and a while later I saw this event on FB. it took only about 5 WhatsApp messages for us to decide. super ons yeah? some time during the evening we agreed that it's always good to have a company because you have to take care of your bag lah, your tripod lah, your lens cap lah, etc.


family day.


I didn't have any idea what to shoot that day and was actually still Googling photos from the Hong Kong one on the way there. the only thing we planned was to go early to catch the sunset. I guess it was worth it. couples and families were strolling and I was the only kiasu one sitting on the grass facing West waiting for the magic to happen (while we constantly phoned each other asking where are you, I can't see you)


we wanted to grab our dinner after the sun set but then the sky started to go crazy with the reds, oranges and blues. we didn't stay long after some tacos, just enough time to take some photos at night. we also didn't go up the watch tower (where was it ._.).

the whole event wasn't really that bad as the reviews circulating on social media. yes, it's pretty ridiculous to pay to see man-made flowers (c'mon people pay to see man-made garden in Singapore, technology has made us all a lil cuckoo). but there's early bird ticket. I didn't mind the shuttle service at all because the queue was okay and we only queued to exit. expensive pasar malamyou came here for the LEDs, what the hell do you expect? nothing much to see? then you should've gone earlier to see the sky change and the flowers light up. for me, there are a lot to see; so many families gathering on Mid-Autumn Festival, can you not appreciate that? if you're one of those who just want a couple shot in front of the flowers, well then I guess RM20 + queue + sweat smearing your make up+ expensive milk tea/wtv food = the price you gotta pay for entering the Instagram game.

back to the evening. I forgot to bring the tripod I borrowed and my 50mm decided to malfunction halfway through this so I had to use it manual all the way. orz. still managed to make some cinemagraphs (I hope I have time to edit the others) and learn how to do HDRs. here's to many more photog adventures (pls jio me).




for some reason, after I read 1Q84, the Fuka Eri in my mind always wears a black long sleeves and a pair of jeans. I can't remember if she's mentioned wearing like this in the book or not, but Ruo Ling's Fuka Eri is like that.

anyway, took the opportunity to take these photos last November/December when the floor in my parent's room is done. anyway, just experimenting on layout, GIF, cinematograph and photo manipulation. like it?


a photo of me before I end this. heh.

- special thanks to 12 Cafe + Alibaba for lending me the furniture - 


STILL LIFE: Of Radiohead and Bally Shoes

 photo cinemagraph_zpskumd2qx0.gif
 photo cd_zpsicm4zu6n.gif

went to Amcorp Mall for the flea market (happens every weekend) recently and got myself these secondhand Bally shoes for a hundred bucks. was looking for a pair of not-too-fancy oxfords and there they were, sitting nicely on a pile of old books waiting for me (hello~ no, not gonna do the Adele thing). the stall owner just got it the previous day so I guess it's fate, (though it's a little big for my feet, but big is always better than small yeah?). so yes, score. also, finally got hold of a Radiohead CD after so many times of holding it in Rock Corner until even the store clerks can recognize my face.


EXPERIMENT: Percipitate


just some experimental slash impromptu GIFs I made while shooting some other stuffs. which one do you like best?