NEW IN: 01


stuffs I got recently. a bar of soap and a Pusheen plushie for my birthday. never thought I'd be so happy to receive a plushie but... it's Pusheen, can I not? anyway, I got the CDs from the Petaling Street Popular at a discount rate. only RM3 for The Temper Trap and Rock Corner is selling it for RM40+. :O anyway, I'm still looking for their Conditions album. if you know where I can get it, hit me up. :)




so I got my new CD from Haox all the way from Taiwan yay~! I had a long shopping (CD) list for him though he could only get this for me, still, thanks Haox! if only all these CDs are available in Malaysia. /targeting the next person flying to Taiwan/

when I say I like Crowd Lu, I mean it. like people only see him as this geeky guy with coconut hair and high socks… you guys should listen to his Rock n’ Roll!

on a side note, finally using my own old curve presets from wayyy back to 2013/early 2014 (not very sure :P) for this set of photos. gimme kinda 2000s Hong Kong film feels~ and I think it matches the CD’s yellow. whatchu think?