VIDEO: Sekinchan | June 2013

please watch in 720p or 1080p


so I got to spend 2 days with dad’s new camcorder ’cause I forgot to bring Baby Nick back to le hometown. I think it’s a pretty good camcorder. clear and stable. had trouble with WMM while editing this vid, I think it got yelled by me 9 times? yea, ’cause it won’t stop stopping when I’m halfway editing ugh. by the way, just learned that I can get free music from Vimeo and it’s already sorted out yay!

anyway, here’s a brief description about the place in the video. the name is Sekinchan, which means “suitable for paddy plantation” in Mandarin. it takes about 2.5 hours to reach there from KL by car. it’s a paddy and fishing village with lotsa nice scenery, good food like seafood (yum!), mango and corn. normally the harvesting season is around June and December.

okay, so I’ve been following my family around Sekinchan whenever someone visits us so many times that I already know the itinerary. hah! here it is. I suggest you to arrive at around 9. take a look at the paddy fields, take photos, etc. until when the sun becomes hot at around 10+, then you can go to the processing factory, where you can see how they weight the rice, etc. I don't think they’ll let you see how they do the packaging. but you can buy rice there. then it’s time for seafood onnomnom! I personally love eating crabs and mantis shrimp (虾姑) and I think any restaurant will do. after lunch, go buy some seafood of course! if it’s the mango season you can go buy mangoes also. I don't eat other mangoes except the ones from Sekinchan. haha. you can also go to the temple at Site A to get a birds’ eye’s view of the paddyfield. then maybe take a rest or go sightseeing. at around evening, go to the beach and fly kites! the beach is not suitable to swim but normally the wind is strong there. you get to see fishing boats there. if you’re lucky enough, you get to see people repairing or building their boats at the fishing village. for dinner it’s seafood again of course! haha.  around 8 you can drive down to Kuala Selangor to see fireflies then back to spend a night there.

another few things:

for the hay bales, you can only see it if you're really lucky. I remember the first time I saw it was 4 years ago, and then I never see it again until this trip.

lastly, like Sekinchan!