since a few months ago when PS150 opened, Wilson and I wanted to pay a visit. because... aye, the Old China theme. (for reference: see this post). it's located few doors next to Merchant Lane and disguised as 陈大黄 Toy Shop. you have to pass through a lot of doors to finally get to the bar area, "like those Hong Kong big boss underground place" (quote by Wilson). we sat after the first door where it's sorta like a train booth. anyway, Ma, don't worry, I don't drink so I only had a mocktail which tastes a lot like Signature from Oregi.

- special thanks to Wilson for the photos // editing by me -



150, Ground Floor,
Jalan Petaling,
50000 Kuala Lumpur

03-2022 2888

Tuesday - Saturday: 6PM - 2AM
Sunday: 3PM - 10PM
Monday: Closed