PHOTO DIARY: Polaroids


ah, my polaroids! they're stuck on my wall, but I seldom look at them closely one by one, unless it's Pre-Finals period. it's both fun and nostalgic looking back at these photos. they bring you back to another time and place. and gosh, all those people that were once so close to you! whenever someone sees my wall I tell them that there's a lot of people that I don't know anymore. hey, although we don't talk much anymore because life happens*, know that I'm glad you guys came into my life and shared so many great moments together. =)

also, I've been carrying my Instax Mini 7s around for trips and travels. it's not exactly heavy, so why not? I'm really interested in playing around with ideas other than big human faces. haha! thinking about double exposure right now.

anyway, one of the things that's been on my to-do list since... forever is scanning my polaroids. I've scanned and posted them before but the quality wasn't good enough so I wanted to do it again. so on a Tuesday noon, Yi Hsien and Kyan came over to help me, because Ruo Ling has problems she wants her polaroids back to their original position on her Wall of Frames**. here's a shoutout to the both of them! and this time the quality is so good that even the dust are scanned in, haha!

if you see yourself down there and you want your photo, you can always drop a comment below (with your name of course so I know who you are!) or PM/DM on my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram~ ^^

p.s. the photos take a while to load, please give 'em some time~

*wait, do I have one?
**failed tho