MALAYSIA: Penang, 2016


last month, without planning, I went to Penang with Sum. we arrived shortly after midnight and took another 30 minutes journey to get into our hostel. although we went for a photo marathon, I didn't take a lot of photos really. I think that having a "theme" actually creates more distraction for me.

anyway, we woke up early for the sunrise on the next day at the jetty and rode bikes around Penang after that and continued our hunt for good food.

some tips visiting Penang:

Getting in

most people road trip to Penang but if you wanna choose to use the public transport, I'll suggest taking the train. we went by train from KL Sentral station that cost RM60 + another RM40 Grabcar ride and came back with bus which cost the same but takes longer and doesn't have a washroom.

Where to stay

because we'll be spending a whole day at Gurney, we chose somewhere near from AirBnb. I booked Dreamcatcher Traveler's Refuge initially but it's full so the host recommended us to stay next door, Chateau One, which is slightly more expensive but newer.

the room is just nice and the shared toilet is clean. breakfast is provided but too bad we had to leave so early on both mornings. the best part I think is that the service is good and the host is really friendly.

they're at the street art area but tucked away in a small alley so it's quiet at night, without any party people. to get to the place, just type "Dreamcatcher Traveler's Refuge" to your Waze or Google Maps. it's quite easy to miss the junction into the street though. we did a few times.


Grabcar costs an average of RM5 for each trip while bicycle costs RM7 for the whole day (not sure 'bout the price per hour though...). so if there are four of you, then Grabcar will definitely be more worthy.

What and Where to eat

I'm not a foodie :( but these are some of the food (two only haha) I really, really love in Penang:

Har mee (or curry mee) @ Old Green House
Laksa @ Jalan Penang

and some other food I think that is worth trying:

Bak Kut Teh @ Old Green House
Char Kuey Tiao @ Jalan Penang
Teochew Chendol @ Jalan Penang (I didn't like it a lot because it's not sweet enough for my taste...)
Goh Thew Chik Chicken Rice @ Lebuh Chulia