PHOTO DIARY: Pearly's Birthday


ngaww she cried. D: and surprised us.


whoops, backdated post.

last month on the tenth we had a surprised birthday lunch for Pearly. yea it’s supposed to be a surprise for her but then she surprised us when she opened her door and she’s crying I even have the whole thing recorded HAHAHA. anyway, after some five minutes of choosing clothing we then drove to Secret Recipe for lunch. yea and Im glad we got to spend some time alone otw back her home and talk ’bout random stuffs like back when we’re deskmates except she’s on my left instead of my right.

eighteen. if you’re reading this, you’re legal to watch those eighteen-rated movies alrd la and it’s time to break free. it doesnt have to necessarily be like me. there’s a vast in-between there. anyway, stay the same as my free stationery shop. I’ll always find something there in your stationery case. and I’ll take whatever I find there without before asking you. ha!