PROJECT: Outside In

hello! I’m back with another personal project Outside In! this time it’s a revival of an old one, which I thought that I should expand by adding more to it.

it all started from driving around a New Village with my dad one day. having nothing to do, I looked at the houses and realised that I don’t actually hate all grilles (I used to hate it and dreamt of a house with only floor-to-ceiling window without grilles). also, kampung folks have much better taste in colours than city people.

then, it was bus rides around 2000s residential areas to work. I find it interesting that something that’s supposed to keep bad people out could be beautiful too.

before that, I’d seen this amazing project by Jose Guizar titled Windows of New York. yes, you got it right. they’re illustrated New York windows. a little digging around Pinterest led me to another set, titled 中國的窗戶 by Chiu Chih Heng.

this time, there are no more bus rides for me so now I relied much more on Pinterest and keeping an eye out on Instagram. on my search, I also learnt that these window grilles appear in far more places than South East Asia. my friend had sent me this Facebook page that’s trying to preserve Taiwanese grilles (which look the same as a lot of ours!)

it was a lot of photos like this and many more screenshots in my reference folder.

anyway, here’s my trying to recreate the geometric shapes and lines combined with the colours digitally. although I know I can never be as good as the other two projects, I hope you like it!

as always, this wouldn’t go without the help and support from some people around me. so, thanks to my family, Sherry, Temperance, Jun Yang, Yin San and some printers. thank you.

I have a feeling that this will forever be a work in progress because I’m pretty sure there are many more designs out there that’s waiting for me to discover. Or if you’ve seen some, you’re always welcomed to drop me the images.

anyway, any ideas what’s the next step? laser cut postcard? pop-up card? look for someone to make them into miniature models? or should I just leave them as is? we’ll see...