SONGS WITHOUT WORDS: Optimism Pessimism

悲观乐观 – 严爵
(Pessimistic Optimistic – Yen-J)

another piece for Songs Without Words. there’s another version but apparently Im bad at photo manip (gahh!) so let’s forget about that. I came out with different edits tho, mixing different downloaded actions (yes, Im lazy and I don’t bother to hide the fact) and experimenting with exposure. and yea, apart from photo manip I realize Im bad at doing light leaks blahhh.

for the reason above, I can only hope that viewers are smart enough to get the picture. heh, sorry. I actually did this once but wasn’t that satisfied so.

anyway, I like Yen-J’s songs especially when he’s still new in the industry although this one’s not popular. it’s basically about being optimistic in his style of lyrics-writing (a lil Crowd Lu-ish). pretty straightforward.

I’ve been an optimistic kid for my whole life until I started to see things differently recently. you know, as the saying goes, rose-coloured glasses have their thorns, you have to pay the price for everything in life, including being optimistic. optimistic people always think things are not at their worst, yet. like what my friend used to told me two years ago, “whatever shit happens it’s not as bad as the sky falling right? even if the sky falls, it’s only fluffy clouds.”

one day, the sky will fall (like in Chicken Little) and you will realize that clouds aren’t fluffy at all. one day when the worst has come… I don’t know, maybe you’ll be broken into pieces so irretrievable that you give up on any hopes.

although being optimistic hurts (sometimes), I don’t see any good in being pessimistic. yes, go worry about the empty half of the glass, but no one’s gonna fill it up for you.

maybe we should be the realist. or maybe we should just be the opportunist. drink the water to quench your thirst, use the water to water plants so you get more oxygen, etc. though I still dunno what’s the price of being the opportunist or realist. please tell me if you know.