D&C: One Year Quitting Snapchat


...and missing The Snap That Broke The Internet by Kim Kardashian.

so, how's it going without Snapchat huh? one year, I probably already forgot how it felt to have Snapchat but I'm reminded. thanks a lot, Instagram*.

last year, I quit Snapchat without knowing if I will get back to it again. for some time, my thumb would still automatically move to where the icon used to be (#musclememory) but then it stopped. that's just one changes among many others:

I Can Happily Move On With My Life Without Worrying That I Didn't Document It

in the first few weeks, I kept having the urge to Snap and then thought "oh, it's not in my phone anymore." the urge wasn't difficult to fight, but it kept coming back. then I'd convince myself that no one probably cares anyway. and slowly, I'm used to laugh at silly things (that somehow amuses me .__. ) for a second and then happily move on with my life.

Meeting Up With Friends Is Full Of Surprises (for both me and them)

my quitting Snapchat might come off as rude for some people? because even up till a couple months ago, I still get people asking me "eh, why are you ignoring me? didn't you see my Snap to you?" ...awkward. I had to explain myself and then they' would persuade me to go back again by giving me an "update" on things that happened in the few months that they saw from Snapchat.

it seems that Snapchat is the news site for friends nowadays, perhaps the only "safe" social media that our parents aren't using? so there're lots of things that're exclusively on Snapchat I'd only heard about someone's shenanigans two weeks later from my friends. imagine my eyes wide in surprise 70% of the time when I yumcha with my friends. I'm the only one listening to it for the first time when everyone already knew these stories.

I Worried About FOMO

those surprises during yumcha is what worried me at the beginning - FOMO. sometimes I still wonder if I should go back to Snapchat, especially since many of my friends went overseas and I seldom use Skype (because I didn't have a mic**). I have zero idea when people tell me that my-friend-who's-studying-abroad has a new funny friend (ouch. ahem, Moses Looi I'm looking at you). and trying not to feel hurt when this friend drifts away from you and gets closer with another person. T~T I was worried that these friendships would just die like that.

I Stopped Worrying About FOMO

FOMO went on until I met my friends during semester break. I mean, catching up - that's the whole point of yumcha right? why would I want to see you if I've already knew what you're up to? and it's so much fun to imagine what they see or do rather than seeing them. I have so many questions to ask! I become much more interested when we talk face to face. also, there's a difference between documenting and sharing. and I think recounting stories is so much better. I mean, your brain has already processed the experience so instead of spamming everything right in their face, you share to the person sitting opposite to you what you remembered most, what you felt most, what impressed you most... and I'm glad that I heard so many stories from my friends, in person, instead of from a screen. and if I missed out stories about someone's extravagant birthday party (that I'm not invited to ;_; ), that's fine.

I Don't Have "Friends" Anymore

looking back, I think this is the best part of quitting. it made me reconsider all my "friendships". do I really care about them? or am I just nosy? do they care about telling people how are they now? or do they just want to show people that they their life is glam? here comes the perks of introversion after quitting Snapchat... JENG JENG JENG. I became clear about who are worth calling Friends and who are just Acquaintances. here's the thing: I can't go out and meet people often. a lot of people don't understand this, but I really can't. I will have sensory overload and need a lot of time to process them. so, I have to pick carefully who I wanna hangout with. and that basically made me cut ties with like 70% of people I used to "care" about. and the rest of the 30%... feel honoured please. haha. 


More Time, Less Stress

oh, another thing that's changed since quitting Snapchat - I decided to use the time that I used to spend on Snapchat to head out to classes or appointments early. it's starting to become a habit and I'm glad that I don't stress about being late anymore. you should try~

so long, Snapchat, you won't be missed.


*finally, my sister's understanding of Snapchat stopped being people pretending to be animals.
**speaking of which, Yi Hsien couldn't
tahan and donated his mic to me before he left for 'Murica. so friends who miss me (I doubt anyone will feel so), you can now Skype me without feeling awkward being the only one who speaks when we Skype.