MISC: Nineteen

1. manners matter.

2. only a few things are in black and white. a lot of things fall into the grey area.

3. it’s okay to not be okay.

4. the world is big, so try to learn how others think. read novels, watch movies, follow people of different countries, cultures, races, religions, ages and worldviews on Twitter and Instagram, go to museums, listen to as many song genres, Tumblr a lot, read magazines, read different types of blogs, read about History, read about Arts, read biographies, read Humans of New York, look at artworks, talk to people, listen. don’t draw a circle around yourself.

5. “if you don’t like something, change it. if you can’t change it, change your attitude.” – Maya Angelou

6. less is more

7. loose lips sink ships

8. thoughts without actions = actions without thoughts

9. never assume. always ask if you want to know something. especially toclarify something.

10. a lion will still eat you even if you don’t eat it. the way you treat people doesn’t guarantee the way people treat you. but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat people nicely. just lower your expectations.

11. just because everyone is doing something, doesn’t mean you have to/you can. don’t be a trend slave.

12. try that appetizer on the menu that you’ve wanted but never ordered before. buy that book that your friend recommended you although you’re not sure whether it’s nice. maybe you’ll like it, or maybe you’ll not. you never know, unless you try it.

13. every action comes from somewhere.

14. be grateful.

15. some things are inevitable.

16. low chance doesn’t mean no chance.

17. when the photographer frames his photo, he decides what’s in it, and also what’s not in it.

18. you’ll understand it maybe not now, but someday you will.

this post was initially about eighteen things I learnt in eighteen years. but as I wrote, it became more like things I remind myself a lot after turning eighteen. these are the kind of thing that I’ll tattoo on my body if I ever succeed in persuading myself that tattoo on sagging skin isn’t really bad. but right now I’ve convinced myself that I don’t want any tattoos at all.

today, I turn nineteen.