NEW IN: 03


African Drum

we lugged this boy (or girl, but I like to call the things in our house boys, for whatever reason) all the way back from China. he went on two flights but he only stayed in the overhead compartment so I can't pretend to be a professional musician sitting next to my instrument LOL. road to a percussionist perhaps? X)

Pixar Shorts Films Collection Volume 1 + Volume 2 // Disney Fantasia 2000

have been wanting to get the Pixar Short Films Collection ever since I read The Art of Pixarso when I chanced upon the second volume I just had to buy it. besides, there's a promotion so I got it together with the Disney Fantasia 2000 which my piano teacher introduced us when we're still kids (I still love Gershwin's Rhapsody In Blue and the animation!). and just when I thought there's no more chance I'll come across the first volume, I found it in Speedy. imagine my excitement haha!

Hello Nico - 熟悉的荒凉 Familiar Desolation

if you see my Instagram story, you'll know that I attended this Taiwanese band's concert in Publika. so when they said they're giving out autographs and there were still some albums left, we quickly grabbed two (my friend being so excited she can't find her money LOL). it's the most expensive album on my rack and yes, it's value is definitely the highest.

Magazine B - Pantone

I'm really into zine this year (you can put it down or pick it up any time). though I've never read this magazine before, when you come across something Pantone, you don't just pass by it, especially when there's a whole magazine just talking about it. so I happily went back home with this from Snackfood

Hand Cream

got these hand creams from my lovely friends all the way from Korea! this is my second time receiving a skincare gift (HAHAHA is this a sign?) and I'm gonna share it with my sister~

Typo Tube Light

I'm into all thing errthing neon and this is the closest I can get from Typo. I had trouble bending it into the shape I want because this thing only bends into rounded corner but will definitely think of something before Christmas comes!

that's all for the update! :D