PHOTO DIARY: Music Camp '14


as promised, Music Camp 2014!


last year’s theme was Play and this year’s Reverse #throwback! this marked the fifth annual camp.


Ming’s. when she brought this out from her bag while telling me “this is making my bag bulky” I looked at her blankly and asked “so this is my birthday present?” lol. blur friend you have, Ming, blur friend.


treasure hunt doto! finally our turn to take charge of this! when it started, I found a spot (a hole in the wall) where I could hold my torchlight near my face and switch it on when people pass by and it was fun looking at their faces hahaha until the part when the clues brought elevengroups to me which means hundred and ten people kept pushing towards me it felt like everyone including the girls were gonna rape me hurrrr or maybe look on the bright side, I should feel like a super idol and my fans are pushing forward for my autograph? heh.


’cause campers who came for previous camps definitely know that the first night we’re having treasure hunt, even though it was written as “senior performance” on the schedule, so I suggested making a “real” performance and turn the lights off and everyone poof, disappear. hah! but I dont know whether it’s a success or not ’cause I wasnt performing (sad) I was helping to do other preps with Yi Hsien outside. and my camera battery died the moment the performance started, yikes.


ok, camwhore session starts now!


left: sampat ’cause kehnot be too normal around Moses. I’ll bring the standard up and he’ll be a total retard.


I didn’t regret going to camp honestly. first time for Pink Grenade and Opposite Rock to crossover. had lots of bonding time with them before and during camp. took some time for us to catch up each other’s band practicing style but we managed to. /wide smile/ Moses, who hadn’t got his licence that time, was my assistant driver for three rounds picking up campers at the temple ’cause I was afraid of the dangerous road so yea two is better than one right and his job was mainly opening my booth to settle the luggage. LOL. but alas he gotta leave on the first night. which means he didnt need to help wipe the “blood-stained” floor. also, one camper asked me what CD I was listening to. oh hi Joe Brooks fans, let’s be friends! and yea, during band practice, I asked a bassist camper if he had any problem with his instrument and he replied me “nah, but I dont know how bass sounds” so after thinking for like five secs I dunno how to reply him so I dum-dum-dummed the bass sound HAHAHAHA. also, this Yi Hsien coached ukulele and they practiced in canteen, which is in the middle of the campsite. the worst thing was, Let it Go was their song. listened when I slept, listened when I woke, listened when I walked around, listened when I bathed. man, for two days. again, me and Sum took charge of the photos and video (ok he did most of the job haha sorry bro). we didnt laugh so hard this year tho. on the second day, me, Tay and Sum went out of campsite to TUNM in the morning and had lunch at one of the hawker places. “friendly place” Tay said. for dinner we went out to had Ikan Bakar which turned out to be hmmm, steamed? anyway, when the first dish arrived, all of us excitedly open the aluminium wrapping only to find that it’s not the fish. meh. then, the guys were so hungry we went further out to tapao congee. napped in the committee’s room in the afternoon but before that, laughed at the creaking bed for thirty minutes first. during Talent Night, me, Ming and Sum chatted at the canteen and I was so tired I fell asleep (when Sum was talking about his rented room partitions) on the stools there until the performance ended and all the campers came down to the canteen and saw two legs jutting out from beneath of the table. lol. stayed up til four the second night helping juniors to smooth their performance and make the review video for the last day with Sum. he got a condenser mic plus we didnt have a song for the video so we recorded a soft version of ’14 Camp Song. all in all, fun!