2018 : A Recap

feels a bit funny to write about this when I just wrapped up 2017 two months ago. haha. 2018 wasn’t any calmer than 2017 in terms of what happened but one thing for sure, I’m a much less turbulent person. is it me getting old and things are starting to settle down? I can tell that I’m gonna be generally the same person in the next two years or so. anyway, I can finally ditch that “this year felt like a roller coaster to me” saying. I don’t even need a week to write a recap. two afternoon sittings mixed with a little Tetris Battle did the job. honestly, 2018 went by at a lightning speed. I guess it’s difficult to feel time pass when for three months, you wake up to do the same thing every day. and boy, that’s a quarter of a year gone.

okay. so where do I begin? well, I guess I unexpectedly took a gap year before starting the real daily grind. it was a risky one without any plans ahead except for the work and travel program.

I worked seven different jobs throughout the year, for as short as four days and as long as three months. before you form the negative perception of an inconsistent person who can’t stay in a job… I went from styling food to selling food, from offering transportation services to writing about transportation, from clocking in at 9 and leaving at 6 to burning consecutive midnight oil and having flexible hours the rest of the week. my experiences spanned at least five different industries. let’s just say it’s a fruitful year of trying different work styles and learning from different sifus that probably beat sitting in an office doing the same job fifty-two weeks a year.

that said, 2018 was a year blessed with a strong sense of clarity because after a bumpy 2017 and what with all these jobs, I’m very, very sure what I’m after and what I dislike… to the point that most of the time when I talk to my friend about making a tough decision I just say, “please just say this to me, (inserts script), it’s what I need to hear to make me go from 99% sure to 100% of my decision.”

nevertheless, it’s foolish to say that nothing has changed. growing up means growing distanced from everyone. playing video games changed how I tackle life and make decisions. having a regularly paid job taught me how to handle my finance. doing things that I never thought of doing showed me my capabilities. living in a foreign place made me appreciate the comforts of home.

anyway… some highlights from the year:

Child’s Play

my baby this year!

complete series / BTS


Outside In

I’m expanding this series this year. so watch out the space!

complete series



follow the story

I already have a lot in store for the new year. in 2019, I only hope that whatever people say or do, or whatever I say or do, poke, challenge, question, contemplate, ask why, ask how.

stay hungry. stay foolish.


as always, the year’s best discoveries:


Mellow Fellow
Florence + The Machine
First Man OST
Shape of Water OST
黑色柳丁 by David Tao
Never Enough by Lorren Allred
New Light by John Mayer
Tapestry by Kurosuke


La Casa de Papel a.k.a. Money Heist
Stranger Things


Lady Bird
Loving Vincent
The Terminal
Catch Me If You Can
Apple Homepod ad
RM10 (well, it’s a 2016 short but it’s only been released to public this year)


Hokk Fabrica