MISC: 2014

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five days into 2015 and I'm still reflecting on the stuffs I’d done last year. sorry it took so long to put together everything in this post. like it? I feel meh, a lil messy, probably won’t do this timeline thingy next whoops, I mean this year, unless I'm better at HTML (mentally adds that to my resolution).

conclusion of 2014? I did pretty lotsa damage, yeah. got involved in car accidents for like what, three times? and with each more serious than the previous one. round of applause for myself. ==

come to think of it, I haven’t done much last year. yeah, there were few achievements, like driving from Rawang to Subang without using a GPS and… well, I can’t think of any, which probably means that that’s the only achievement I’ve reached last year (makes mental note to do more this year).

anyway, I’ve met different people this year because of uni. I won’t say a lot, ’cause I sucks at socializing I don’t even know how to make conversation with a five-year-old kid. but yeah, there are the kind ones and the evil ones and the humorous ones and the helpful ones. I wont promise that we will continue to be with each other for the rest of our lives (’cause I hate the whole idea of “promise”) but yeah, let’s go as far as fate allows.

lastly, to wrap things up, here comes my favourite part of a lookback. /drumrolls/ the number of books I’ve read, and movies and dramas I’ve watched. yeah boo all you want I’m gonna continue. in 2014, I’ve read 18 books, watched 2 dramas and 39 movies. that’s… a lot to me. whoah.

that’s all for 2014. cheers to a better 2015!