MALAYSIA: Malacca, 2014 | Part I


hi. Malacca photos are up! I edited them on my laptop in low light and now I view it on my desktop the contrasts are a bit off. just bear with it. D:

anyway. we’ve been talking about going to Malacca ever since. but no concrete plans came out every time until I impromptuly asked them is it ok to make it on the next weekend on WhatsApp. so there we go.


thanks Bear for driving us around!


and Tay for doing homework and Jye Yu’s phone for navigating.


twilight is the best. =)


the ground is scattered with yellow flowers so I asked them to sit there for me to take a photo of them hahaha look at Bear’s facial expression, so priceless!


Jye Yu also be my model heh! and yellow yellow. omg, Yellow.

that’s all for this post. I purposely left out all the food for the next post. be prepared! :D

here’s some details about accommodation:

we stayed at Motel Sayang Sayang (@ Jalan Portugis) which is next to Jonker Street. the price is about RM100++ per night for two persons. there’s plenty of hotel along Jalan Tukang Emas, which is next to Jonker Street as well.