MISC: Cooking Session Vlog

"oh, I left my kitchen at my hostel."

that's the joke for that day because Arif now stays out he kinda moved everything from his kitchen to his hostel. to give you an idea, "everything" includes rice, butter and half of his cooking utensils.

anyway, first off, thanks to Arif for lending his house once every year, Moses for his GoPro (妈妈不疼你疼谁嘛 hor?), and the others for making time for this annual thing.

paiseh to Ah Tay and Yong Xiong for sharing a scene LOL I didn’t realize I left out your names until I checked the video. I sincerely apologize here. also, for spamming timelapse photos. well, it’s already taken so it’s a waste to not use them haha. and also, for tolerating my voice and the whole audio because I didn’t have a mic with me.

and yeah, I stole the song haha that’s why it’s on Vimeo instead of YouTube I’m so sorry I just thought this song fits.

yep, I guess that’s all. cheers!