THAILAND: Krabi, 2015 | Part IV


after our ground trip we soaked in the hotel pool (to get rid of the sand on our bodies) and made a lot of noise. then we left for dinner after taking bathes. since both of them were running low on dough we looked for something cheap. there’s this restaurant that’s crowded (though we weren’t sure it’s because their service is slow or they’re really good) but we gave up when the waitress told us we need to wait for one and a half hour. so instead, we dined in a super small restaurant that serves both Thai and Indian food and we ordered our second pineapple fried rice (when in Thailand…).


then we bought shit tons of food in Family Mart and booked a tour for the next day and our transport to the airport and bought food again at hawker stalls and returned to the hotel and gorged the food we bought.


the first place we stopped at the next day was Tiger Cave Temple. most parts of the temple were under construction and we’re left there for more than two hours so we tried climbing up to the main temple (which, to be frank, was the whole point of this destination). it’s 1272 “small steps” according to Wikipedia, but it’s more like “small” in terms of width instead of “small” in terms of height. the stairway is hella steep we only reached step 333. so we went down and drank 100 plus instead.


the next stop was Namtok Ron Hot Spring Falls and trust me, judging by the look of it, we thought we went to the wrong place because hot spring… alright, never mind. anyways, we stepped into the water (after contemplating for a while where to put our bags) and oh my God, straightaway I could feel my blood vessels expanding.


after lunch, the final stop was Emerald Pool. we walked past the entrance as told by our guide and walked and walked and walked and walked and still we didn’t see any pools. until about ten minutes of walking only did we see the pool. again, we contemplated where to put our bags (me being paranoid and all) and how to get into the pool because there’s moss every where around the pool (okay, the moss is part of what makes the pool “emerald”).

you know a person who has a pretty/handsome face but a shitty personality? the pool was sorta like that. it looks like liquid jade from the above until you land your foot into the pool. there’re branches and stones and all the stuffs I don’t wanna know underneath. we tried looking what’s inside using a GoPro but… even that photo is blurry. since we’re already in the water (and supposedly the water improves your skin), we stayed in it and laughed at the people around us and talked about all sorts of things.


before we left for the airport the next day, we wanted to try out pork burgers in McDonald’s (because coming from Malaysia… plus eating pork burgers in McDonald’s is one of those thing I have to do when I travel) and were shocked at the price when we arrived. then we hopped into a tuk-tuk cab back to the hotel then onto the airport bus.


we arrived at the airport a little too early which resulted in Sherry and me teaching Johnny to play chor dai di but then he kept mixing up the flowers so we ended up playing round after round of cards-matching game. hahaha. our flight was an evening flight but alas I was sitting on the east side so I didn’t get to see the sunset but I did see the moon big and red before landing. and it’s kinda annoying lah ’cause we got only one cam and they got the sunset view and I got the moon view we kept passing the camera around lollol.

and here’s the end of Krabi trip. missing the pineapple fried rice and pineapple. :(

- some images taken by Johnny -