THAILAND: Krabi, 2015 | Part III


I pondered over how to write this for a while so it’s gonna be kinda messy. it’s not I don’t want to write it down. I want. but I need pen and paper to do it properly.

anyway, on the second day, we:

 > went to Bamboo Island as our first stop (apart from the number of tourists, everything’s pretty much the same as three and a half years ago)
> laxed in Bamboo island and camwhored with GoPro
> waited on the speedboat for ten minutes for two people whom everyone’s not even sure exist or not (honestly, we think our tour guide did the maths wrong)


> saw Viking cave from our speedboat and snapped pictures of it
> went around Maya bay on turquoise (similar to Pantone 15-5519, you’re welcome) water and continued snapping pictures
> got confused when we arrived in Maya beach ’cause we’re not really sure whether it’s sightseeing or people-seeing. so. many. tourists.
> lost Baby Nick in Maya beach (which explains why there’s no photos after Maya beach)


> dropped by at Phi Phi Island for lunch and watched a Caucasian eat rice drenched with Tom Yum soup with chopstick (he finished his rice alright.)
> basically judged everyone on board our speedboat ’cause we guessed they’re probably doing the same thing


> burnt our skin on the speedboat
> went to the first snorkelling spot (like finally!)
> contemplated on how to use the mouthpiece on the snorkelling masks
> gained enough courage to jump into the open sea and saw striped fishes swimming around us
> pulled back our feet every time we were near corals
> drifted away from our speedboat and felt oh-so-hopeless because there’s seriously no way fighting the strong current


> burnt our skin second round
> went to the second snorkelling spot
> contemplated on staying on the speedboat and become dizzy eventually or just jump and let the problems solve themselves (because oh God the life jacket hurt my bottom and every inch of the floor is covered with corals)
> jumped slid down to the sea
> Sherry hurt herself on her way but I didn’t know it then so I talked myself into exploring
> (I) saw fishes and spiky “rambutan” corals and “brain” corals and jellyfishes and Dory and anenenemomone because the tour guide know I’m a chicken so he brought me around
> (I) thought I should buy a Field Note notebook before my next trip because I really wanted to remember that
> (I) touched a jellyfish! (in case you don’t know yet, I love jellyfishes)


> slept all the way back to the pier after nomming down pineapples (!) and watermelon

and that pretty much summarizes our one-day tour. there’ll be no Krabi post after this until I’ve got the picture from another camera. (we were so totally equipped hah)