TRAVEL GUIDE: Krabi, Thailand | 2015

hullo there. since I’m done with the Krabi posts I’ll share some details from the trip so maybe you could visit there too?


we flied to Krabi on a Tuesday afternoon and flied back to KLIA2 on a Friday evening. we booked our flight tickets and hotel for four days three nights through AirAsia Go for RM397 per pax, including a 20kg check-in baggage to and 25kg fro.


the hotel we stayed at was Timber House Resort Ao Nang.

I think the location of our hotel is pretty good, despite being a little far from Ao Nang beach. there’re plenty of food stalls opposite including the famous chocolate banana pancake stall (though I’m not sure which one is it ’cause there’re like three stalls claiming that they’re the original). they’re open every day during our stay except on Friday, probably because the hawkers are mostly Muslims.

as for the hotel itself, it’s quite big for us three people and it’s clean, yep, the toilet/bathroom is clean too. I have to say this, the blanket is so so comfy! I’m missing it, no kidding! there’s a pool right outside our room and it’s opened from 7AM – 7PM daily.

and here comes the part most people want to know. is there WiFi? is there WiFi? yup! WiFi connection is available at the restaurant and massage area. if you’re not happy enough with that, you can pay for WiFi in your room, but I’m not sure about the price.

both Western and Thai breakfast are provided in buffet style and the food is average.

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during our stay, we booked two ground tours for two separate days. both are full-day tours, if you’re leaving in the late evening/at night and you have nothing to do when the Sun’s out you can book for half-day tour.

so here’s some details on the one we booked:

Bamboo Island + Viking Cave + Pi Leh Lagoon + Maya Bay + Phi Phi Island (lunch) + snorkeling

included: insurance, drinks, fruits, lunch, transport (to and fro), snorkeling equipment, life jacket

price: 1200 baht per pax

how was it: the pickup wasn’t on time (any other pickup during our stay was never on time, so… I think it’s a culture or something there) and it panicked us a little yeah. Bamboo Island was good, there’s a nature reserve there though we didn’t check it out ’cause sea is more important hah. Viking Cave and Maya Bay is beautiful but Maya Beach’s a little too crowded for me. the lunch at Phi Phi Island was good (there’re both Thai and Western style) but we didn’t have time to explore this island. snorkeling’s great of course! they’re pretty systematic too. it’s a little too packed on the speedboat. just because we’re Asians we have small butts it doesn’t mean that they can leave only a small space (that only fits one of my butt cheeks) at the beginning hello we paid the same price but then we practiced our rights in the middle lah hahaha.

Bamboo Island

Viking Cave

Tiger Cave + Namtok Ron Hot Spring Waterfall + lunch + Emerald Pool

included: insurance, drinks, lunch, transport, entrance fees

price: 800 baht per pax

how was it: at first I wasn’t sure about this because apart from the sea and beach I’m not much a nature person, but this is really an eye opener for me. again, the pickup was late and because we’re kind we sat at the back of the van, which we regretted later, because ugh, the other people with us were dumb enough to not know which AC is for which seat so we ended up having no AC for the whole trip. this is the kinda of thing that turns people from kind to evil. we tried practicing our rights again but all the driver said was “the weather today is hot just bear with it”. okay… Tiger Cave was a bit of waste of time, I don’t think anyone with us actually made it to the top. the hot spring was good. is there any hot spring that’s bad? if you’re daring enough you can go to the lowest level and soaked yourself in the lying pose while holding on to a rope and risk being washed away by the current. the lunch was not bad. Asian style. Emerald pool was good too despite all the things underneath and there’s lotsa locals there. if you’re planning to go there without a tour please note that the ticket price is ten times of local’s (I’m not sure how much though).

Namtok Ron Hot Spring Falls

Emerald Pool


some of the foods I really enjoy in Krabi (or sometimes in any other places in Thailand) and I think you should try it:

pineapple fried rice

tomyam - because what's Thailand without tomyam

chocolate banana pancake

roadside food that can't go without chili sauce - it's the same as Thai style chili sauce in Malaysia but it's ten times better, I really need the recipe

pad thai

MAMA - I can eat these instant noodles as my dinner for a week, no joke

I  hope this helps you~

- some photos taken by Johnny -