Just A Minute In September

and… I’m back to taking the artwork for the Just A Minute series a little more seriously. after watching the 1989 Batman, of course, it’s only right to do another one in noir style. the last one was this.

watching… Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I didn’t know I need a comedy like this in my life. I. am. hooked.

reading… The Story of Us by Tim Urban (yes, that guy with an ugly monkey drawing who gave a funny talk about procrastination on TED). if you want to know about the democratic system, think deep, can grasp concepts easily, I recommend you to read it.

playing… Nicky Case’s new game: Adventures with Anxiety. you play as the anxiety.

thinking… how everything that’s happening is a reaction to an action. as Newton puts it, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. this realisation brings me back to an art class I attended in uni. my lecturer noted that each art period is a reaction to the previous period. “why are you old men so sad? here, LET ME DRAW YOU SOME ANGELS AND PEOPLE DANCING WHILE LUNCHING.” BOOM, ROCOCO!