Just A Minute In September

lazy and uninspired, obviously. I didn't even want to talk much about it, except that I "back-side itchy" went to calibrate my laptop's colour myself and everything just becomes... more off than before. I hope the yellow actually turns out ok on your screen. no compensation for blinded eyes though.

Learning | Italian! I'm done with my Spanish course so it's time to go back to Italian. it's the first foreign foreign language that I picked up when I was young. (ABRSM, duh, I know, but still, I can understand poco a poco without difficulty okay)

Reading | Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert (Italy is nice, India is boring, and Indonesia is... well, I returned the book without reading the last few pages).

Thinking | about languages a lot. you know, like there are idioms that you cannot translate literally or words that only exist in that one language. I always think 幸福 and 开心 are two different things but in English they are both "happy". honestly speaking, that is my reason to learn as many foreign language as possible and I think it takes years of having that language command to actually get the right feel of those words. right now I can't even read read Spanish, I can only translate it into English and then only understanding it.

Loving | this music genre that I always love but forgot its name - funk! it's the best music to put on for house keeping. so groovy!

Feeling | excited for the movies coming in the next few months! Blade Runner 2049 (I finally watched Blade Runner yesterday!), Coco, and The Kid From Big Apple 2 (the previous one is my favourite local-made film)



brands trying to sell "empowerment"
when brands are "inspired" by indie brands
it's a moment you want to remember? put your phone down, then

1970s stock photos - take a laugh

this guy explaining the Theory of Relativity beats my 2 years of Physics class